Nausheen gets a heart attack because of Farha; Sahir gets angry at Arzoo for not turning up at office; Arzoo wishes to meet her mum in Sony’s Humsafars.

In Humsafars, Arzoo complains to Alvira about Sahir’s rude behavior. Alvira tells her that Sahir is very kind hearted and she will soon realize it. Alvira speaks to Sahir then and tells him that she has brought Arzoo from Lucknow and he should take care of her as she is her responsibility. She tells Sahir that Arzoo praised him. Sahir gets flattered. Sahir’s secretary requests him to grant her leave for her son’s birthday. Sahir refuses. Arzoo requests him to grant leave to secretary. Sahir gets angry and reminds her that she is just 24 hours old at his office, gets 20 k salary and is staying at his outhouse. He asks him to be in her limit.

Sarfaraz’s second wife Farah calls up Nausheen and asks her to either pay the rent or vacate the house in which they are staying. Nausheen gets sad and decides to vacate the house. Sahir looks angrily at Arzoo and walks out of office. Arzoo visits a dargah to get some peace. Sahir’s car stops near the dargah. He gets down and buys flower from the same boy from whom Arzoo has brought flowers. Arzoo meets a holy man who tells her that she will meet her life partner soon. He says he has more pain in his heart than her and is around her, he will be with you always. Sahir is seen standing near her. They both walk beside each other but don’t notice each other. Dadi asks Nausheen to talk to Sarfaraz regarding Farah demanding rent. Myra and Zara get shocked.

They decide to handle it themselves and think to hide this from Arzoo. Old servant Kurti Apa returns to Sahir’s home. Alvira tells Arzoo that she is an Ayaah and has raised her children. She was living in the outhouse before and asks Alvira to send Arzoo as soon as possible. She talks to Sahir and asks him why did he let Arzoo in her room. Sahir tells her that it was his mother’s decision and he can’t disobey it. Kurti Apa takes everyone’s opinion regarding Arzoo. Anam doesn’t favour Arzoo while Zaki and Sahir favour Alvira’s decision to let Arzoo stay in the outhouse. Alvira gets happy with Sahir. Arzoo thanks Alvira for her concern towards her. Arzoo tells Alvira that she wants to do household chores. Alvira gives her kitchen responsibility. Kurti Apa gets irked.

Arzoo thanks Sahir for letting her stay in his home. She sees cockroach and falls in swimming pool, requests him to help her as she does not know swimming. He smiles and then asks her to stand up. She realizes it is a shallow swimming pool. Kurti Apa misbehaves with Alvira in kitchen. She asks her why did she bring Arzoo from lucknow. Alvira asks her not to forget that she is just a servant of this house. Arzoo gets her sisters’ call and asks if she is fine. Arzoo says she fell in Sahir’s room swimming pool. They tease her. Sahir looks at swimming pool and thinks how can anyone drown in a shallow swimming pool. He sees Arzoo’s anklet in it and takes it out. Zaki teases him. Sahir says love is rubbish and says love only makes a man weak and painful. Zaki says love has to be found. Zaki sees anklet and asks whose it is. Sahir says it is Arzoo’s and he found it in pool. Zaki says he will return it to her.

While having breakfast, Arzoo says Sahir that she is afraid of water and sees burnt toast and snatches it from him. He asks her to give it back and starts having burnt toasts. Sarfaraz’s goons throw Nausheen’s family out of her house. Nausheen gets a heart attack. Arzoo calls her mom and thinks something is wrong when she does not pick her call. Arzoo calls Munawar bhai and asks about Nausheen. He tells her that she is fine. Sahir and Anam wait for Arzoo. Sahir’s employee says him that Arzoo’s phone is busy since a long time.

Anam tries to make him against Arzoo and provokes him. Dadi calls Arzoo and says they are fine. Arzoo speaks to Zara and then asks her to let her speak to Ashrafi/parrot. Myra plays ashrafi’s recording on mobile. Sahir’s secretary comes and takes client’s file from Arzoo and asks her to come to office soon. Arzoo calls Dadi, Nurse picks the call and informs her about Nausheen being admitted in the hospital. Arzoo gets shocked and worried.

Doctor discharges Nausheen from the hospital. Nausheen says they cannot go home as Sarfaraz has taken it back. They get tensed. Anam drags Arzoo to office and says Alvira that she is so undisciplined that she does not want to come to office. Alvira says Sahir that she knows Arzoo and she will not do it without any reason. Arzoo says she got some important work. Sahir says to Alvira he does not know her reason, but the reason for her staying at Sayyara is you. Nausheen talks to Arzoo and says she is fine now. She says she does not want to trouble her and want her to work peacefully in Mumbai. Arzoo cries. Zara suggests that they shall go to meet Arzoo. Arzoo’s friend asks them to stay in her house. Alvira sees Arzoo crying and asks her what happened. Arzoo says her mom is ill and is hospitalized. She says she wants to meet her mom. Keep reading.