OMG! Bharti Singh CHOOSES Kapil over Krushna & JOINS ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’

And thus born is a new rivalry.

Just when we thought and believed that the rivalry between Krushna and Kapil has been dealt with now that they will be airing on the same channel but on different timeslots; the battle has infact been intensified.

Even though, Kapil received a huge boost in the form of the return of Chandan Prabhakar, it still had to come up with a huge move to keep up with Krushna’s upcoming show and his ever-increasing cast.

And as an absolute masterstroke, the makers of The Kapil Sharma Show have roped in popular comedienne, Bharti Singh and fiance Harssh Limbachiyaa to be a part of the show.

Yes! You read that right. In a surprising turn of events, Bharti, who has not only been Krushna’s partner in comedy shows but is also his best friend has decided to star in rival, Kapil’s show instead.

According to sources, Bharti will be an active part of the show and she has agreed to be on the show due to her respect and adoration towards Kapil. There was never any animosity between Kapil and Bharti eve though they worked on different shows.

Harssh will be joining the writing team of the show and will write scripts for Bharti.

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