OMG! Maya to go BALD post leap in Sony TV’s Beyhadh?

Check out the picture below.

Sony TV’s Beyhadh is all set to take yet another leap, with Maya (Jennifer Winget) dying and Arjun going to jail for charges of murdering his wife.
The post leap spoilers of the show are being well guarded by the show makers, as there has been an increasing buzz about what will the show’s storyline be post the leap. But it is very obvious, that Maya would return to Arjun’s life albeit in a completely different avatar.
As per certain sources, Maya will apparently’ be seen in a BALD look, post the leap.

But will the actress actually go bald for her show? Well, in an exclusive interview with India Forums recently, the actress did mention that if required, she would even go bald for her show.
However, we have our doubts on the same. In the close up picture, one can see the slight reflection of a prosthetic mask.
But looks like the audience will have to wait and watch whether Jennifer will actually go bald for the show or not.

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