OMG! Veer to use ‘cheap’ tricks for SLEEPING with Shivani in ‘Ghulaam’!

Will Veer finally be able to succeed in getting Shivani to sleep with him?

Life Ok’s ‘Ghulaam’ has finally showcased the much-awaited budding romance between Rangeela (Param Singh) and Shivani (Niti Taylor), where Rangeela has become rather soft towards her.

However, this doesn’t mean that the atrocities of Veer (Vikas Manaktala) and the rest of the family have reduced in any way. Every day is a new day when it comes to torturing Shivani, and the whole family is always up for it.

The recent episode showcased how Shivani’s Maamaji is admitted to the hospital, where Rangeela forces Shivani to have food and then donate blood. However, Shivani stays adamant that she will first meet her uncle and then have food.

While Rangeela and Shivani get closer, Veer already has another trick ready to torture Shivani in his own way.

It will so happen that Veer’s ego will take a toll on him as all his attempts to get Shivani to respond to his love have gone in vain. And Veer would then think of a rather weird way to get Shivani on the bed with him.

As known, Shivani sleeps on the ground and not on the bed, where Veer sleeps. However, Veer would sprinkle sweetened water around the area where Shivani sleeps, so that ants would come and surround the area.

Veer’s trick would initially not go down well with Shivani, who would be irked by it, but will have a different reaction than Veer would expect.

While Veer would think that Shivani would plead to him to sleep on the bed with him, Shivani would not do any such thing and will not get weakened by Veer’s tricks.

Will Shivani dare to go to a different room to sleep? Will Rangeela be of any assistance? Stay tuned for further updates.

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