Pihu angry seeing Ram and Priya closer in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Last week, Ram and Priya who are on the official trip discover the new insights of their marriage ie, friendship. Although they are at logger heads, but still cares for each other. Their daughter Pihu doesn’t know that her parents are in Delhi. Priya gets ready for the presentation and checks the final figures. Pihu sees her and is shocked. She questions her about her stay in the hotel.

Priya replies her that she is on the official trip. Pihu thinks something is hidden from her as Ram is also on the official trip. Priya asks her about her life with Sammy. Pihu lies that they are happy and very much together. Priya knows the truth about Pihu and Sammy’s marriage. She asks Pihu to be faithful to herself atleast. She asks her to change for good. Pihu shots back at her and asks her to change instead.

Ram thinks to hide about Pihu’s stay in the same hotel from Priya. Rajat is jogging in the morning and thinks to meet Priya and surprise her. Cady calls Khush and asks about Priya’s hotel address. Suhani answers her saying Priya would be returning tomorrow. Cady informs Rajat that Priya is coming tomorrow.

Vikram, Rajat and Cady discuss about Ram and Priya. Vikram says, what if Ram and Priya are in the same hotel. Ram will be angry. Cady says, they should be together. Rajat says, they will unite for sure sidelining their ego.

Ram feels hungry after the meeting. Priya orders salad and soup. Ram says he is hungry and asks her to order Aloo parathas. Priya asks him to let her take care of him until she is here.

Ram and Priya get into the flashback and look at each other romantically. Pihu comes, Ram asks Priya to hide as he doesn’t want Pihu to see her. Priya hides. Pihu comes inside and asks Ram if she can sleep here. Ram agrees. She lies down on the bed and recalls Priya words and Sammy’s confession. She gets sad and sleeps. Priya comes outside and gets emotional seeing her daughter sad.

Ram asks Sammy to sort out the difference with Pihu and gives him one day’s time. Ram comes to Priya and tells him about giving ultimatum to Sammy. Pihu comes and sees them together. She goes in anger.

She questions Ram about Priya. She asks him, how could he do this to her? She says Priya is always caring about Suhani and wanted her to marry Sammy. She tells Ram that she is sure that Priya might know black magic and calls her witch. Ram is shocked. Priya hears the hating words and gets hurt. She runs outside. Ram follows her.

Pihu thinks, her father is only hers and Priya can’t snatch Ram from her. She cries. Vikram calls Pihu. Pihu informs her about Ram and Priya being together in the hotel. Vikram gets relieved thinking that the mystery have been solved. He explains her that what’s wrong as they are husband and wife. Pihu says, no. It is wrong. She doesn’t approve of their love. Ram tries to console Priya. Priya is very much hurt.

Ram comes to Pihu and tells her that Priya is the one suffered the most and the second one is him. He says, she is his wife and he loves her very much although seperated from her. Pihu thinks Priya fooled Ram and wants to get in Kapoor Mansion.

Cady cries thinking about Ram and Priya. Rajat assures her to bring them together. Cady praises Rajat’s love for Priya and his determination to unite Priya with Ram.

Suhani tells Khush about Ram being Priya’s boss. Khush gets upset. Suhani speaks about their love and Priya happiness. She hopes that their love will win. Pihu tells Sammy not to leave her. Sammy confesses to love Suhani even now.

Vikram feels bad as he suspects Ram of having an affair. He blames himself for the chaos. Rajat asks him not to blame himself and speaks about Ram and Priya’s eternal love. He assures him that he will handle the situation.

Ram gets a call from Mumbai. He writes a letter for Priya that states that he loves her always. He leaves for Mumbai. Priya wakes up and doesn’t see his letter. Hotel staff comes and picks the letter with other things and leaves. Priya enquires about Ram. Receptionalist informs her that he has checked out. Priya is shocked. She thinks Pihu might have created some problem. Keep reading Bade Achhe Lagte Hain to know how Rajat unites them and how Pihu tries to keep them apart.