Priyank says Akash passed dirty comments about Benafsha’s private parts

It has been fights and cuss words galore this time in the Colors’ flagship reality show Bigg Boss. But with the sudden change in things its feels as though the focus will be shifted from one to another in the glass walled house from the Shilpa Shinde-Vikas Gupta’s feud to Priyank Sharma, Benafsha Soonawala and Akash Dadlani and not to forget Priyank Sharma.
The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss will witness a major fight that breaks out between Priyank and Akash in the house.
Priyank and Akash were always at loggerheads but this time things went on to a different level altogether with the inclusion of Puneesh in the group as well.-
It all began with a war of words between Benafsha and Akash in the washroom area. Benafsha has been criticised for being unhygienic in the house , however, she felt she’s not the only one and that she was being targeted.
The Parsi girl also confessed that she isn’t habituated to do her chores like washing clothes etc. To this, Akash says he too is pampered at his place but he’s trying to cope up with the show.
Akash further calls Benafsha crazy and says that she stinks, among other nasty remarks. Meanwhile, Priyank tells Hina Khan that Akash passed comments about Benafsha’s private parts. Hina quite habituated of passing judgements about others desn’t waste a minute’s time to call Akash a person without manners, she further says that he’s frustrated. she says all of it in a very shrill tone, she almost shrieks, like she does most of the times. This sets the mood for a fight inside the mansion.

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