Ragini determines to find the culprit accused of Shilpa’s accident in Sony’s IKNMP.

In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Ranveer takes Aarav’s girlfriend Shilpa for a ride while the latter waits for her in the parking lot. He sees Shilpa going with Ranveer in his luxurious car and runs behind it. Ragini comes to Neil’s house and enquires Dimpy about Aarav. She informs her that he might be around. Neil gets into kitchen and sees Nivedita preparing cake for Agam. He looks batter on her face and smiles. She asks him to wipe. He wipes it with his kerchief. Ragini comes there and misunderstands the scene. Ragini gets jealous. Neil says he is just romancing, but she has already married to another man. She alleges him for having an affair with a much younger woman than him. Nivedita acts to get shy and then smirks after leaving. Neil and Ragini continue to argue.

Agam sees Ragini and happily hugs her. She also reciprocates. She asks how can he love her when she scolded him so much. He says she has 3 sons, but he has only 1 mom and cannot stop loving her. She gets touched by his words. Ragini scolds Neil and tells him that she does not have money, but has good upbringing, so neither Aarav nor Agam will stay with him. Aarav sadly thinks it is his mistake that he does not have money, so Shilpa left him. Ragini comes there and asks him to come home. Aarav refuses to go with her and tells his decision to stay at Neil’s house. He shows her the bike gifted by Neil and Agam. Ragini gets shattered. Neil comes there and says Ragini that she was boasting that her kids love her and will never leave, but Aarav wants to leave her and stay with him. She says he is right, she has failed as a mother now and starts crying. He says he did not mean to hurt her and says she knows he cannot see her crying and asks her to stop crying.

Neil gets sad thinking about Ragini crying and Aarav insulting her. He calls Dr. Aman and asks him to find Ragini. Aman finds her on the road and asks her to get into his car. Ragini refuses. He insists her and takes her in car. He says Neil informed him. She gets angry. Pam asks Neil to join Agam’s birthday party as he is at home. Neil refuses. Pam yells at Ragini. Neil asks her to leave his room. Nivedita asks Neil to come out. He shouts at her to go out. She starts acting and cries. He agrees to come. He joins her. Pam gets happy seeing him smiling. Aarav meets Agam and leaves from the party.

Karan realizes that Ranveer took his car keys in an inebriated state. He calls him and asks him to come home. Aarav rides his bike and sees Shilpa with Ranveer in his luxury car and gets sad. Ragini comes home and tells that Aarav told he wants to stay with Neil and not her. She gets sad. Aarav comes home and apologizes to her. Ragini says he is free now to go. Aarav apologizes to her. Shilpa’s mom comes and tells Ragini that Shilpa as she has not come home. Aarav realizes that Shilpa is still with Ranveer. Ranveer while driving car asks Shilpa if she loves Aarav. She says he loves her and she will marry him for Ragini’s sake as she is very good. Ranveer gets angry and makes an accident. He comes home with blood stains around his shirt and informs to Pam and Nivedita. Pam gets panicked and says if girl is dead, police will arrest him. She says she will inform Neil. Nivedita says Neil will not keep quiet if she informs him. She says we should destroy his shirt right now.

Ragini and family reach to the hospital with Shilpa’s mom. Inspector comes to Dimpy’s home and asks who made the accident. Karan takes the blame on himself. Police arrests him. Inspector informs Shilpa’s mom that they arrested Karan Kapoor for Shilpa’s accident. Aarav reminisces Ranveer was with Shilpa and reaches Neil’s house. Pam asks why did he come here. He says Ranveer made accident. Ranveer says Karan made accident and police arrested him. Aarav says he saw him speeding his car with Shilpa and shows Shilpa’s scarf. Nivedita says she will help him in punishing Ranveer and takes scarf from him. She emotionally blackmails him that Ranveer is his brother and if Jignesh’s parents will know that he is Nishi’s brother, they will break marriage. She asks him to keep quiet for Nishi and everyone’s sake. She gives him a phone as his birthday gift. He leaves.

Pam praises Nivedita for handling the situation so well. Dr. Devika informs Ragini that Shilpa has gone into coma. Ragini sees Aarav’s mobile and finds Karan pic with Dimpy at 10 p.m. She calls Devika and asks when was Shilpa admitted. Devika says around 9:40. Ragini realizes that Karan did not make that accident and it is someone else. Nivedita bails out Karan. Pam thanks her. Neil comes and slaps Karan, asks if he is not ashamed to be with a young girl. He accuses him of adultery. Dimpy tries to speak. Neil says he betrayed Dimpy, but even then she is on his side. Karan and Dimpy come home. Dimpy gets angry on Neil and tells everything to Pam. Pam tells that Neil loves Karan a lot, so he over reacted.

Shilpa’s mother tells Ragini that Karan’s lawyer has alleged Shilpa was driving car. Ragini promises to get justice for Shilpa. She goes to Neil’s cabin and starts alleging him that he is doing injustice to an innocent girl and manipulating Shilpa’s life with his money. He tells her that he does not know anything about it. Ragini tells Aman that Neil is trying to manipulate everyone’s life with his money. She says Karan did not do that accident. Neil comes home and angrily calls Karan. He asks why did Karan changed his statement. Nivedita says she changed statement. Neil shouts that manipulation is wrong. Ragini and Aman come to meet Karan at his restaurant. She asks Karan who does the accident. Dimpy says she will tell the truth and says her son made that accident and Karan is just saving him. Ragini thinks Aarav has done that accident. Keep reading.