Rajveer decides to repair the temple and woo Nandini in Sony’s Desh Ki Beti Nandini

Rajveer wants Nandini back in his life. He is trying his best to woo and get her back. He comes to Nandini’s house to celebrate holi with her. Pandeyji ‘s family celebrates holi with Rajveer. Nandini stands looking at him. Rajveer asks Nandini to come back to his life and apologizes to her. Rajveer decides to stay at Pandey house but Nandini refuses to let him stay. He decides to stay in the nearby building. Rajveer stays at a tenant at Mishraji’s house. Nandini comes to know about it.

Gayatri Devi wonders where is Rajveer. She calls him but his phone is switched off. Nandini asks Rajveer to go back home. Rajveer says, my world is here and I won’t go without her. Nandini overhears her father speaking to Rajveer. She gets upset. Her mom asks her to forgive Rajveer but Nandini says, she can’t.

Gayatri Devi asks Dadi about Rajveer’s whereabouts. Dadi tells her that Rajveer went abroad to help his special friend. Gayatri Devi thinks to find out about Rajveer’s friend. Rajveer finds it difficult to sleep in the house with mosquitoes biting him. He calls Dadi and informs her that he would return with Nandini soon. He asks her not to tell about his whereabouts to his mom else Media will know about it.

Rajveer requests the neighbours to help him in wooing Nandini. They ask Nandini to forgive Rajveer. Rajveer follows Nandini to the vegetable market. Nandini talks with the vegetable vendor and asks him to lower the price. Rajveer comes. Nandini leaves without buying the veggies. Rajveer comes home indisguise of a vegetable vendor and sells the veggies. Later he drives the Auto for Nandini. Nandini comes to know that the driver is Rajveer. She gets down an auto. Rajveer starts singing Mohabbatein Song and shows the sorry poster. All the neighbours dance with him. Nandini walks off.

Rajveer tries to cook food and messes the kitchen. Nandini brings the tiffin and asks Mishraji to find a new tenant. She is shocked to see the messy kitchen. Rajveer and Nandini go to the temple. She comes to know about the temple demolision, She stands infront of the bulldozer to stop the demolition. She comes to know that the temple will be rebuild. Mishraji promises to repair the temple and gets 5 days time from the authorities. Mishraji informs everyone that it was Rajveer’s idea. Rajveer tells that he doesn’t want to come in Media’s glare and that’s why stay out. He decides to repair the temple as he learnt the architechture. Nandini tells her that not to just impress the people. Rajveer assures to repair it and asks for her support.

Abhay feels guilty thinking whatever he did with Nandini. Dadi makes excuses at home and comes to meet Rajveer. Dadi sees Rajveer cutting onions. She asks him to come back to Raghuvanshi’s home. He assures her that he will come back with Nandini. She gives him gajar ka halwa. She blesses him and leaves. Rajveer brings the halwa for Nandini. She refuses to eat it and closes the door on his face. Rajveer says, I love you but she doesn’t listen to him.

Rajveer starts working for the temple repairing. Pandeyji helps him. Nandini decides to help him anonymously. Something is about to fall on Rajveer. Nandini saves him. She falls on him and they eye lock lovingly. Nandini realizes that they are being watched by everyone. She moves. Nandini turns and looks at Rajveer. Rajveer shouts yes happily.

Nandini brings food for Rajveer and asks him to eat. She asks him to wash his hands. Rajveer says, he doesn’t have a sanitizer. Nandini makes him eat the food with her hands. Rajveer smiles and asks her to eat too. Nandini says, later.

Gayatri Devi enquires about Dadi’s visit from the Doctor. Doctor replies that she didn’t come for the check up. Gayatri devi wonders where she might have gone? Driver brings Gayatri Devi to Mishraji’s house. She enters Mishraji’s house and sees Rajveer with Mishraji. Rajveer says, he is staying here for Nandini and he will return with her. Gayatri Devi asks him to come with her and says this place doesn’t suit his status. She says, you are wasting your time on her and asks her to concentrate on elections. He says, he loves Nandini.

Abhay asks Gayatri Devi, why he is letting Rajveer stay at this place. He has become a romeo in Nandini’s love. She comes to Nandini’s house and blames Nandini. Nandini tells her that she didn’t asks Rajveer to do this. Pandeyji gets angry at Gayatri Devi. Rajveer comes there and tells her that he is doing this with his own wish and no one compelled him. He says sorry to Pandey family. Gayatri Devi confronts Dadi. She tells her about Rajveer’s working for temple repair.

Rajveer gets injury while working for the temple repair. Mishraji applies medicines on his wound. He goes to get it later. Nandini comes and applies medicine on his wounds. Rajveer sees her and smiles. Keep reading Desh Ki Beti Nandini.