Rajveer stops the divorce irking Gayatri Devi in Sony’s Desh Ki Beti Nandini

Rajveer and Nandini went to the village and while returning they stopped at the temple. Rajveer takes Nandini in his arms and brings her inside the temple as a part of ritual. Rajveer prays for Nandini’s happiness while Nandini prays for his victory in Music competition. As she was walking she slips, Rajveer holds her and they enter in an eye lock. Gayatri Devi comes and looks at them. They see her. She pretends to be caring for Rajveer and asks him to come with her. Rajveer obliges. Rajveer praises Nandini infront of Dadi. He tells her that Nandini bonded well with the villagers. Dadi blesses her. Gayatri Devi is irked. She tells Nandini that you won’t be able to win Rajveer. Nandini is adamant to win him.

Nandini writes a letter which states that she is leaving the house as she has failed to show the truth to Rajveer. Gayatri Devi tells Abhay that Nandini is out. She tells him that Rajveer won’t participate in the music competition. Nandini prays for his win. Gayatri Devi mixes sleeping pills in the juice. She asks Rajveer to drink it. Nandini sees her mixing the pills and tells Rajveer that it is cold. Nandini makes him drink the juice which she brought for him. Gayatri Devi fails in her attempt. Rajveer gets ready to go to the competition. He takes Dadi’s blessings.

Rajveer is about to sit in the car. Gayatri Devi calls him. He accidently slams the door on his fingers injuring himself. Nandini rushes to his aid. Gayatri Devi smiles and asks him not to attend the competition. Rajveer decides to participate. Gayatri Devi says you can’t play the piano with injured finger. Dadi says, we all will go to cheer for him. Gayatri Devi thinks, even if he participates then also couldn’t win. Dadi asks Nandini to feed him Sugar and curd. Nandini does reluctantly. Gayatri Devi thinks she will soon leave from their lives.

Rajveer’s music teacher gives him best wishes. Rajveer gets nervous. Gayatri Devi asks him to back out. Nandini makes him understand that this is his life’s dream and asks him to play by heart. Nandini tells Gayatri Devi that after he wins she should set him free to live his life. Gayatri Devi says, let him win first. Rajveer turns come. Nandini shows the thumps up to motivate him. Rajveer starts playing the piano. Abhay tries to cut the rope so that the light falls, but security guard comes before he couldn’t do it. Rajveer wins the competition. Everyone are happy except Gayatri Devi.

Rajveer thanks Nandini for inspiring him to follow his dream. The host asks Rajvir’s wife Nandini to come on the stage and gives the trophy to Rajveer. Nandini comes on the stage and calls for Gayatri Devi as she is his mother who deserves to handover the trophy to her son. Gayatri Devi gives the trophy to Rajveer. Rajveer takes her blessings and goes to thank Nandini. He hugs her.  Gayatri Devi reminds him that he has to go to the magistrate for the divorce proceedings. Rajveer gets confused and shocked.

Nandini saves Gayatri Devi as the light is to fall on her. Nandini gets hurt in the process. Rajveer asks her, if she is okay and gets worried for his mom. Gayatri Devi thinks Abhay’s mistake could have ended her life. She thanks Nandini. Reporters asks Rajveer, whether he wants to become a musician or a politician. Gayatri Devi replies, he will be the CM. Rajveer asks Nandini to come to the magistrate for their divorce. Nandini agrees. Later Rajveer comes to know from the reporter about the fake call which led him to file for divorce.

Rajveer is in his car and reminiscences the moment spent with Nandini. He is about to read Nandini’s letter, but Gayatri Devi’s call interrupted him from seeing the letter. She tells him that she is reaching the court. Nandini gets sad thinking about Rajveer. They reach the court. A man collides with Nandini and she is about to fall. Rajveer holds her and gets angry on that guy. Rajveer signs the papers and gives to the magistrate. Nandini’s letter falls on the ground. Nandini signs on the papers and is about to give the papers. Rajveer reads the letter and takes the papers. He reads the letter and tears the papers.  Gayatri Devi and Abhay are shocked.

Rajveer tells them that he is listening to his heart and leaves with Nandini. Nandini asks Rajveer why he tore the divorce papers? Rajveer replies that he knows that she didn’t give information to reporter and she is not interested in money. Nandini hugs and thank him for trusting her.  Rajveer says he trusts her but can’t give her love because she accused his mother. Rajveer stopped the divorce but will he get to know the real face of Gayatri Devi? Will Nandini be able to show him the ugly truth? Stay tuned to your favourite show Desh Ki Beti Nandini or keep reading the reviews.