Reliving wedding moments, medicine exchange and more in Jamai Raja…

The upcoming episodes of Zee Bangla’s daily Jamai Raja are loaded with some interesting twists and turns!
Avid viewers would know that Ishaan (Arjun Chakraborty) helped Bibi (Chaiti Ghoshal) to get her property and business back. Naturally, this has made Bibi very happy and warm-hearted towards Ishaan.
Now, according to our source, in the coming episode, an overwhelmed Bibi will plan to relive her wedding moments with Ishaan and Nilasha (Shreema Bhattacherjee) in a grand way and decide to bear most of the expenses. She will also accept her faults. She will declare that Ishaan is the Jamai Raja of house.
When everyone will be in a jovial mood, suddenly Ranadev will face breathing trouble. Ishaan will rush to bring the inhaler but while on his way he will collide with an unknown person with whom his medicine will get exchanged.
Now at his hand will not be a live-saving medicine but a deadly medicine while on the other hand, Ranadev will be in a terrible condition.

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