Sagarika’s dad selects Arindam for Sagarika; Bunty tries to get in his good books and learns bengali; Sagarika makes matrimonial profile for Ratna in Sony’s Hum Hain Na.

In Hum Hain Na, Rama asks Mishra ji to get railway tickets for her. Mishraji asks her to get it from their father. Bunty promises to get tickets for her and handles the situation. Sagarika’s dad comes to the railway station to receive son of a family friend Arindam. Bunty has also gone to the station to get ticket for Rama. There he sees Arindam and Sagarika’s dad. A theif runs away with Arindam’s bag. Bunty runs after him and gets the bag. Sagarika’s dad thanks Bunty and forgives him. He praises Arindam infront of him. Bunty thinks to lean bengali culture. Phubali tells Sagarika that Arindam is coming to see her. Sagarika thinks she needs a guy who understands her well.

Bunty thinks Arindam might be Sagarika’s brother. Arindam reaches home and meets Sagarika. He gets floored by her beauty. Sagarika’s dad tells her that those goons have mend their ways. Sagarika thinks it is because of Bunty speaking to them and he did their work within 24 hours. She decides to thank him. Some neighbours come to meet Amma/lakshmi. Rani comes wearing a nightie and asks Swara to make tea for her. Amma asks her behave well infront of guest and wear saree. She tells the neighbours that Bunty pampers her bhabhi a lot and doesn’t let her work.

Amma feed puri to Bunty. Satya comes there. Amma invites her to have puri. Sagarika comes there and says she came to meet Bunty. Amma gets irked seeing her. Sagarika thanks Bunty for his help and praises him for sorting issues with the goons. Bunty’s friend tells her that Bunty beats the goons badly. Sagarika tells them that she hates violence. Bunty tells her that he couldn’t see her dad’s insult. She invites them home. Bunty agrees and asks her to teach him bengali. Sagarika agrees. Sagarika comes home. Arindam lies to her dad that he sent Sagarika for posting letter as he is not familiar with the place. Sagarika makes lunch for Arindam. Sagarika’s dad praises Arindam.

Sagarika and Arindam talk about their likes. Sagarika’s dad tells her that Arindam’s parents are coming to see her with an alliance. Sagarika asks, how can he fix her marriage without her consent. He says Arindam is a good guy and he has selected him after a lot of research. Sagarika is not happy that her dad took such a big decision about her life without consulting her.
Bunty practices Bengali while his friend teases him. Rani comes there with thali. Mishraji asks Amma to give her nek/shagun. Pappu asks Rani to take money from Amma. Arindam asks Sagarika, if she is happy with the alliance. Before she can answer, her dad answers that she is indeed happy. Bunty convinces Pappu to get Rani to dress up in Saris and come down and eat with everyone.
Bunty is trying to learn the Bengali language so that he can impress Sagarika’s Baba. Satya sees him practicing the dialogues and thinks he got epilepsy. She informs Amma. Amma gets worried. Bunty lies to her. Bunty and Amma share an emotional moment.

Bunty reaches Sagarika’s dad college and starts speaking in bengali to impress him. Sagarika’s dad gets impressed. Bunty asks him to teach him bengali and calls im as a scholar. Sagarika’s dad gets happy and agrees. Bunty thinks he will get in the good books of Sagarika’s dad.

Arindam gets convinced that they need to know each pther before marriage. Sagarika’s dad says, he will get them married soon. Arindam tells him that he needs time. Her Dad gives her 1 week time. Rani comes down asking Ratna to serve her tea and taunts her. Rani taunts her for still being unmarried, which upset Ratna . Bunty asks Rani to behave well with Ratna. Bunty consoles her. Ratna asks him to upload her profile on the net. Amma refuses and worries about the society. Sagarika and Arindam come to the library. Sagarika sees Bunty there and calls out to him. Bunty tells her what has happened over a cup of coffee. She promises to make a profile for Ratna on a matrimonial website. Later Sagarika calls Bunty and asks him about his preference for Ratna’s match. Bunty tells her about the same. Sagarika promises to meet him once she makes the profile. Her dad sees the website and opines that she does not want to marry Arindham and is searching for a match online. Keep reading.