Sagarika’s father gets impressed by Bunty; Bunty takes Sagarika to a Dhaba; He decides to propose her in Sony’s Hum Hain Na.

In Hum Hain Na, Bunty couldn’t get the girl who previously played Sita and that’s why requests Sagarika to play Sita in the play, which she readily agrees. Lakshmi asks Bunty to take Satya for Sita’s role, but Bunty makes Satya back off taking his friend Maldev’s help. , Bunty and Sagarika play Ram and Sita respectively at the Ram Leela organised by the Mishra family. Bunty is bowled over by Sagarika’s beauty and fell in love with her instantly. He thinks to confess love to Sagarika. The Ram Leela gets over. Lakshmi notices that her bridal sari border is torn and gets emotional and sad. Satya thinks to take advantage of the situation and tells Lakshmi that Sagarika did this in order to make a garland for Ram Leela. Lakshmi gets upset. Arindham tries to recollect where he met Bunty before and finally recognizes Bunty to be the same man whom Sagarika’s father thought to be a goon and tells this to Sagarika.

Sagarika feels cheated as Bunty lied to her, but Arindham asks her to forgive him. Later Sagarika comes to know about Lakshmi worrying for the torn saeee and promises Bunty to stitch back the border. Sagarika repairs Lakshmi’s saree, Arindham praises her talent. Sagarika returns the saree to Bunty who gets happy. Sagarika asks him to show it to Lakshmi. Bunty comes to Lakshmi and gives the saree saying that Satya has repaired it. Lakshmi gets very impressed with Satya. Bunty calls Sagarika and thanks her. Lakshmi praises Satya infront of Dadi and she suggests her to get Satya married to Bunty as she is very caring unlike Rani. During exams in the college, Sagarika’s father catches some boys cheating in the exam and threatens to take them to the Principal. The boys threatens Sagarika’s father and he gets scared. Mishraji comes to his rescue and gets the boys suspended by the principal.

Satya thanks Bunty for giving credit to her for repairing of saree. Bunty tells her that it was repaired by Sagarika and he couldn’t take Sagarika’s name that’s why took her name. Satya gets annoyed. Ratna comes to know about Satya spoiling Lakshmi saree inorder to stop Sagarika from playing Sita and gets shocked. Satya requests her not to tell it to Lakshmi. Bunty and Madhav wait for Sagarika’s father at the market.The suspended boys come to the market and see Mishraji with Sagarika’s father. They think to take revenge. One of them raises his hand to hit Mishra ji, but Bunty sees and stops him. He warns them not to raise their hand on his father. He beats up the goons. Sagarika’s father gets impressed by him and invites him for lunch. Bunty gets happy.

Mishraji comes home and tells Lakshmi about Bunty saving him from the students. Lakshmi gets happy seeing Bunty’s concern for them. She tells him about Satya correcting her saree overnight and talks to him regarding Bunty’s marriage with her. He likes her idea as Satya is a nice girl and fits to be an ideal bahu. He asks her to wait until Ratna gets married as people will gossip if they get Bunty married before Ratna. Lakshmi understands his sayings. Bunty gets ready to go to Sagarika’s house and sprays perfume on his clothes. Swara teases him. Lakshmi asks him where he is going. Bunty makes an excuse and takes her blessings.

He comes to Sagarika’s house and decides to tell her about his feelings. Sagarika’s dad welcomes him and calls for Sagarika and her aunt. Bunty greets them. Sagarika takes him on hour tour. Bunty sees Sagarika’s mom photo and talks to her about his liking for her daughter. He takes her blessings. Sagarika serves the food. Bunty sees fish dish on the table and makes an excuse that he had his stomach full of food. Sagarika realizes that he don’t eat fish and offers to bring vegetable dish. Bunty asks her to bring Luchi. Sagarika goes. He thinks to confess his feelings to Sagarika as soon as possible and that’s why thinks to take her outside. Bunty takes Sagarika and Arindham to a dhaba. He makes Arindham eat spicy kachoris which makes him rushes to loo. Waiter locks him inside.

Once he goes, Bunty teaches jalebis making to Sagarika and thinks to confess his love. He writes B S with Jalebis batter, Sagarika gets happy. Arindham scolds the waiter. Bunty asks him to forgive him. Arindham complies. Sagarika praises Bunty infront of Phubali who reminds her of her dad’s deadline to accept Arindham’s proposal. Sagarika gets tensed. Madhav asks Bunty to propose Sagarika before Arindham else he will marry her. Bunty agrees. Sagarika talks to Arindham and asks him if he is ready to marry her because of parental pressure. He tells her that he wants to marry her and knows that she needs time. Bunty gets ready to propose to Sagarika and takes Lakshmi and Dadi’s blessings. Although Satya tries to stop him,but in vain. He buys flower bouquet for Sagarika. Keep reading.