Sahir proposes marriage to Arzoo to fulfill his promise in Sony’s Humsafars.

In Humsafars, Sahir feels dejected when Arzoo refuses to love him. He follows her to her room and asks about her refusal. Arzoo tells him that she fears about his unpredictable behaviour and can’t believe on his changing mood. She says she does not love him. Sahir gets tensed and thinks that his plans to get Zaki and Samaira married will ruin and his promise to Zeenat is in danger. He decides to play a game with Arzoo so that she confesses her feelings for him. Zaki manages to come out of hospital and heads for home. Arzoo recalls of Sahir’s words that he loves her immensely from the bottom of his heart and she refusing him. She thinks don’t know whether I did the right thing or not. She asks God to sign her. Zaki comes and wishes her happy birthday. He brings a cake for her and they celebrate her birthday. Next morning, Arzoo serves breakfast to Sahir.

Sahir promises her that from today he won’t let that Sahir come infront of her that hurts her. He says I don’t want to trouble you anymore. I will always love you. I won’t say it with my tongue again. Arzoo looks on surprising. He plans a meeting with a client who misbehaves with her and Sahir stands up for Arzoo. Arzoo gets touched by his gesture. Sahir asks her to have lunch with him at home and orders food that Arzoo is allergic to. He then saves her life by administrating the right medicine to her. Arzoo thanks him for saving her. Sahir asks why don’t you confess your feelings when you love me. Give me an answer. Arzoo says her answer is same. Sahir asks her to tell the truth.

Arzoo asks him to change the questions. He emotionally blackmails her into confessing her love for him by refusing to breathe under water. He falls in the swimming pool. Arzoo gets shocked and panics. She asks what is this madness? Sahir is still in the swimming pool. Arzoo gives up and confesses her love to Sahir. She hugs Sahir and tells I love you. She then gives him mouth to mouth respiration to make him breathe. Sahir gets happy. Zaki hears her and is shocked and disheartened.

Sahir tells Zaki that he fulfilled the challenge. Zaki tells Sahir that Arzoo never loved him as she always loves Sahir. He asks him to stop playing game with her. He tells Sahir that he will tell Arzoo that Sahir is already married. Sahir is unable to understand his real feelings towards Arzoo and thinks that he may actually be in love with Arzoo. Sahir feels guilty about his actions. Sahir says to Alvira that Zeenat will be send to US for further treatment and her chances to get well is very bright. Alvira gets shocked and asks it means you have less time to fulfill your promise. Sahir says less time. Arzoo comes to her room and dances with happiness. She falls on the bed happily and talks to Ashrafi. Samaira says to Zaki that her dreams will come true. Zaki says your dreams won’t be fulfilled, I will end my life. Zaki says very soon I will prove. Samaira thinks why Zaki is looking confident, surely Arzoo must have done some black magic.

Zaki is tensed as Sahir is betraying Arzoo. Arzoo believes that Sahir loves her and is happy and blushing. Zaki tells Alvira that he loves Arzoo and will marry her only. Alvira gets shocked. Arzoo comes to Sahir’s room and gets shy seeing him bare chested. He wears the gown. Arzoo says I want to give you a gift and it was very difficult to think. Sahir gives her a gift which Arzoo refuses to take. Arzoo gives her a gift and asks him to open the knot of her dupatta and says it is my promise to myself and you that I will love you and only you. Sahir gets touched by her words.

Sahir comes to the outhouse where Arzoo stays. He sees the place decorated with candles. Arzoo goes to him smilingly and says she never trusted on love, but he made her believe on it. She thanks him for making her believe on love. She thanks him for becoming her humsafar and hugs him. Sahir reciprocates her hug and holds her. He gets moved by her words and closes his eyes.

Zaki tells goes to Arzoo and tells him about Sahir betraying her with his fake love. She is shocked and refuses to believe Zaki. Zaki tells her that Sahir does not love her and is only playing a game. Arzoo goes to Sahir and confronts him asking him to tell the truth. Zaki says he can do anything for his advantage. He is lying. He can do only business and not love. Sahir bends down on his knees and proposes Arzoo for marriage. Arzoo is stunned and goes to her room without answering. Alvira is happy though. She tells everyone that they know about Arzoo’s answer. It will be yes. Kurti Apa and Anam get shocked. Alvira asks the servant to make everyone eat sweets. Zaki wonders what Sahir wants to do. Sahir gets shocked at his own doing and wonders what he wants. Arzoo is happy and wonders why he is hurrying up to marry fast. Arzoo thinks am I ready to become Mrs. Sahir Azeem Chaudhary? Am I ready to take up this responsibility. Keep reading.