Sakshi and Karan expose Shanaya with Latika’s help; Shanaya apologizes to everyone; The show Ek Nayi Pehchaan ended happily.

In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Sakshi tells Sharda that she knew a doctor who specializes in treating paralytic cases. Shanaya hears it and gets tensed. Padma apologizes to Sharda and tells her that she is returning to Ahmedabad. Sharda tells her that she can understand her worries. Padma gets emotional. Karan gets upset with Sakshi as she asked Padma to leave. Sakshi thinks she can’t anything to Karan as of now and takes out a diary from the drawer which will help her expose Shanaya. Sakshi comes to Shanaya’s room and asks her to give the diary to Sharda. She tells that the doctor’s number is written in it and goes. Shanaya thinks to change the doctor’s number with her doctor. Sakshi waits for Shanaya to get up and take the diary.
Sharda comes to stay in Shanaya’s room. After she sleeps, Shanaya gets up. Sharda wakes up and Shanaya pretends to falls down. She cries. Sharda consoles her. Sharda tells the servant that they are going to see the doctor. Shanaya thinks she has to stop Sharda anyhow. Sakshi thinks to accompany Sharda and convinces her. Shanaya tells Sharda that she don’t want to go to hospital. Just then Sharda gets a phone call informing her about that she gets the award this year. Sharda refuses to go. Shanaya and Sakshi ask her to go. Sharda agrees finally. Shanaya asks Sakshi to book Suresh’s ticket with her. Sakshi. Sakshi tells Karan about Sharda getting an award for her new designs and asks him to book tickets. Karan is upset as Sakshi refused Padma’s offer. Karan talks to Sharda and apologizes to her. Sharda gets happy. Sharda leaves for airport.
Sakshi calls the doctor home for Shanaya’s treatment. Doctor takes the blood samples of Shanaya for tests and says she is fine. Latika goes to her room as she has some work. Sharda calls Sakshi and tells her that award function will come live on TV. Sakshi gets happy. Shanaya gets irked with Sakshi. Shanaya worries about the report and thinks to stop it anyhow from reaching home. She asks Latika to take Dadi to a temple and says she will feel good. Latika agrees. Shanaya thinks to send Sakshi and Karan out of the house. Sakshi understands her plan and tells the servant that she is going out. Shanaya tells the servant to handover the report to her as she don’t want anyone to get tensed. Servant agrees.
Sunitra receives the courier and gives it to Shanaya. Shanaya burns the report and smiles victoriously. Sakshi comes home and shows her the original report. Shanaya gets shocked and tries to snatch the original report. Karan comes home and sees Sakshi on top of Shanaya. Shanaya and Sakshi lies to him. Karan makes Shanaya lie down on the bed. Sakshi tells Latika about Shanaya faking the paralysis. Karan hears it and gets shocked. Dadi and other watch Sharda on TV as she gets an award. Sharda gives the credit for her success to Sakshi. Everyone applaud for her. Suresh and Sharda come back home. Everyone congratulates her. Karan and Latika tell that they want to talk to their parents.
Latika tells Suresh that Karan cancelled the deal with a client without consulting her. Latika slaps Karan as they start fighting. Karan too raises his hand. Latika and Karan ask for their share and refuses to work with each other. Sharda gets worried. Suresh calls the lawyer to distribute his property amongst his children. Latika interrupts him and tells that she has decided to keep Shanaya and Aarav’s shares on her name as they are young and can’t take right decisions. She tells the lawyer to add a clause which will give her Shanaya’s and Aarav’s shares. Shanaya thinks she can’t trust Latika. Shanaya gives her consent hesitantly. Suresh signs on the papers. When Sharda is about to sign on the papers, Shanaya gets up and takes papers from her hand shocking everyone. Karan thanks the lawyer. Latika tells her that it was their plan to expose her.
Suresh tells Sharda to punish Shanaya. Karan and Latika want the same thing from Sharda. Sharda tells them that Shanaya did a mistake. She says, we all are responsible for it. Sharda stops Shanaya from leaving and asks her to accept the home and family. Shanaya realizes her mistake and apologizes to them. Sakshi stops her and says it is her turn to trouble her as a bhabhi. Shanaya hugs her. The family unite with each other. Karan and Sharda hug each other and make up. Shanaya organizes and calls Padma. They cut the cake. Sharda is happy to see her family united. They dance and have a good time. The show ended with family uniting with each other and Sharda getting her identity.