Sana Khan to take legal action against Melvin Louis?

Things are certainly not fine between actress Sana Khan and choreographer Melvin Louis! They were much in love, so when they broke up, fans were shocked.

Now amongst those to coy down to blackmails, Sana has decided to expose Melvin who allegedly hit her, leaked their recordings and also molested and drugged girls in the name of work and relationships. Sana’s shocking revelations have left everyone numbed.

Pinkvilla asked Sana if she is planning to take any legal action whatsoever against Melvin given that she has proofs to back her allegations. Sana initially said, “It depends on how much he provoke me.” But then she was asked why wait for provocation and not take a definite step right away. To this, Sana replied, “Yes, can think about it actually. I know the laws and I might take a legal action.” Sana also revealed that she has had gotten in touch with other women who have gone through the same ordeal by Melvin and they have in fact, extended their support to her.

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