Shilpa avenges her insult from Hina; TIGHTLY SMACKS her derriere

This time the Colors reality series Bigg Boss has taken the notoriety to a different notch altogether.
The series that shows contestants trapped inside the glass walled mansion for three months has become the talk of the town.
People have formed gangs and are supporting their favourite contestants. There are banners and hoardings on buildings and other public places. And the two names that people are really rooting for are Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan.
TellyChakkar always keeps you updated about the goings on in the house and we have yet another update!
Therefore, people lend me your ears…
The Fukrey team was in the house as a promotional activity for the film. Richa Chaddha, Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma and Manjot were present to shake up the lives of the BB inmates a little more.
Now, Richa plays Bholi Punjaban in the film who literally loves to make one’s life a living hell, she lives up to her character in the film and calls out Hiten and Shilpa from amongst the inmates. The flustered duo come out and are left to wonder what catastrophe might befall on them.
Much to their relief and the chagrin of the rest, Richa and Manjot asks them to take names of that one contestant whom they would like to take a REVENGE from!
We do not need to guess Shilpa’s choice. Yes, it was Hina Khan while Hiten chose Akash.
Now, Manjot ties a belt around Hina’s waist and with it is attached a tight elastic rope and a hard plastic ping pong ball is suspended on it.
Manjot then asks Shilpa to do the honour! She has to pull the rope as tightly as she can and then leave it so that the ball hits the target with a huge velocity! And the pain thereafter is well fathomable. Isn’t it folks?
Shilpa, takes the elastic rope in her hand and pulls it tightly… Her facial expressions and the rippling nerves in her hand can surely vouch for the tight grip in question.
And then, she lets it loose and BOOOMMM… The ball hits Hina’s rear with such speed that we’re sure it must have had some impact and she surely is still enduring the burn as this article is being written!

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