Shocking! From Hina Khan to Devoleena Bhattacharjee, THESE celebs shared the dark side of being a TV actor

MUMBAI: Facing discrimination of being recognized as a television actor is nothing new. Even many tv celebs have addressed this issue. However, let’s take a look at these celebs who have shared their experience of facing such discrimination.

Hina Khan has always been vocal about facing discrimination for being a TV star and also a film actress. The actress said that TV actors are not treated kindly because of the difference in the medium. However, she added the rise in the OTT has given a new lease and has been blurring the lines considerably.

Another television actor Helly Shah recently revealed that she had initially approached a lot of Indian designers for her Cannes debut. After promising to send designs, a lot of them backed out at the last minute. She wore Shantanu Nikhil from the Indian designers at the Cannes this year.

Devoleena backed Hina Khan’s claims. She said that a lot of times when TV actors go for auditions, they are rejected with the tag of being a TV actor. The lines are blurring thanks to OTT but there still exists a practice of looking down on TV celebs, said the Saath Nibhaana Saathiya actress.

Bigg Boss fame Gauahar Khan once asserted that she was told to attend parties and mingle with people to get good work. She revealed that if she wouldn’t attend Bollywood parties, her friend would tag her as boring. But that didn’t stop her from doing what she liked.

Ridhi Dogra has also opened up about facing rejections because she’s been an actress on TV. The actress shared that a lot of times creative people/casting agents would refuse by saying that they have done a certain kind of role in the previous TV shows.

Gurmeet Choudhary who has been a part of TV shows, films and OTT as well had opened up that initially, people would not cast TV actors. He revealed that once he was rejected saying that people watch him every day and who would pay to watch him. The actor credited Sushant Singh Rajput for breaking that stereotype against TV actors.

Karan Patel had lashed out at the discrimination faced by the TV stars against the Bollywood celebs. He had stressed that it should be content that should be important and the talent of the artist that should land them the job and not the medium of origin.

Karan Tacker who has been a part of Special OPS revealed that the makers of the web shows don’t really look to TV stars for their shows. The actor shared that it took him years to break the image of being just a pretty face and a tv actor.

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