Synopsis Day 86: Time for some heart-rending sacrifices to prove friendship in the Bigg Boss 12

MUMBAI: With just three week more to go, the contestants are giving their best to be in the game. This week’s nomination task – Jinn Ki Gufa has left the contestant petrified. As part of the task, a Gufa has been set up in the garden area, where the contestants will be called one by one to rub the magic lamp placed over there. Post that, the Jinn will command the contestant called in the cave to convince one of the housemates to sacrifice something very precious to them. If the selected housemate sacrifices something, then the contestant in the cave will be saved from being nominated.

The first one to be trapped in the cave was Deepak who was asked to convince Karanvir to destroy the pink soft toy brought by his daughter. The second one to get trapped was Somi who had to convince Rohit to nominate himself for the rest of the season. Karanvir was challenged to make Dipika destroy the jacket given by her husband when he came to meet her. Later Deepak was asked to make debilitating sacrifice by destroying his family picture in order to save Rohit. These arduous requests had put each contestant in dilemma and at the brink of sabotaging their friendship.

Whose friendship will sail through the storm of the nomination task? Who will be nominated for this week’s eliminations?

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