Tanuja to have a temporary ‘Memory Loss’ in Kasam!

Bani and Neha will brainwash Tanuja…

Colors TV show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki has some interesting sequences lined up for the ardent fans of the show.

Malika has been exposed, and just when there is nothing coming in between Tanuja and Rishi, there is another drama set to unfold thereby hinting a hindrance.

Tanuja will soon meet with an accident and will get badly injured. She will fall unconscious and when she wakes up, she is shocked to find herself in Neha and Bani’s house. She will try to recollect about the events which unfolded due to which she landed there, but alas, she will fail.

When she will question Neha and Bani, the two will come up with ploys by telling her that she encountered an accident and Rano was the mastermind behind it. Not convinced of the idea, Bani will further infuse tales that Rano tried to torture her and throw her out of the house in order to get Malika and Rishi married.

A source informs, “Tanuja will want to leave but Bani and Neha will ask her to take rest so that they can brainwash her against Rano and Rishi. However, Tanuja will recall that Malika was exposed in the family and will dismiss the accusations.”

Stay tuned for more updates!

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