There will be a 14-minute long monologue in this Star Plus show!

And the actress has managed to okay it in one take only!

The recently launched Star Plus Dopahar show Dhhai Kilo Prem has managed to garner a lot of appreciation for its ‘one of a kind’ concept, where the performances of the actors have also received applause.

While the show continues to break several stereotypes about fat shaming, an upcoming sequence in the show is sure to get all the eyeballs glued to it.

For an actor to perform a certain sequence with long dialogues is nothing novel. But, at times, these long dialogues can become frustrating if one keeps fumbling while performing a scene, as it has to be re-done again and again.

However, in a one-of-a-kind instance, actress Anjali Anand aka Dipika from Dhhai Kilo Prem had to perform a 14-minute long monologue expressing her feelings on being fat shamed and the issue in general.

Amazingly, not only did the actress manage to remember the whole monologue but she also convincingly performed it in one take.

The cast and crew broke into an applause once she finished the scene.

We cannot wait to see and hear the sequence when it goes on-air!

Kudos Anjali!

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