This &TV show suffers hefty LOSSES due to the rains!

A few lakhs were blown away, rather drowned in the rains.

While rains are synonymous to romance and cheer, it also has its cons. It leads to a lot of troubles and inconvenience. It also leads to not only traffic, but also affects the entertainment industry, especially television. Outdoor shoots and scenes become difficult.

And recently, one such show set, became a victim to the rains.

Nivedita Basu’s Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi’s entire set, got destroyed due to untimely rains. The crew did not even get the time to cover the sets or take any precautions, which led to the crew not being able to shoot, after the rain stopped.

Our source reveals, “Everyone was ready, the cast and the crew and the moment we were about to commence with the shoot, the lights went off. After some time when the lights came in and everyone was on the set, it started raining heavily, even before the director could say action,”

“From a decent, clear weather to heavy rains, the day took an unexpected turn. It was so sudden, that nothing could be shifted inside or under cover. The entire set-up was destroyed. It was only the next day that we shot, as we had to do preparations for an indoor shoot. A few lakhs were blown away, rather drowned in the rains,” the source added.

We hope things are sorted on the sets soon!

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