Toranmal runs away from engagement; Uday Singh asks Ajabde’s hand in marriage with Pratap in Sony’s Maharana Pratap

In Maharana Pratap, Ajabde opens the door and sees Pratap standing. He asks her if she is ready to be kidnap? Ajabde replies that she knows he won’t do any hindrance in her puja. Pratap smiles and looks adorably at her. Ajabde thinks of Pratap’s words while making a garland. Pratap brings a garland for her puja. She does the puja and prays for Pratap. Pratap too prays for her. Ajabde locks herself in the room again. Akbar doesn’t want any woman to interfere in his decision and tells Mahamanga to accept his decision. Bairam tells that he is innocent.


He asks his mother and Mahamanga to stop defending Bairam Khan. Ajabde gets afraid thinking about Pratap’s words that he will kidnap her. She runs away. Some guys notices her and follow her. Pratap beats them and then tells Ajabde that he just said that he will kidnap her. He tells her that he is not going to marry her against her wish. Ajabde is surprised. Everyone get worried as Pratap and Ajabde are missing. They come back to the palace. Hansa bai makes Ajabde ready for the engagement and asks her to rethink about her decision. Ajabde can’t think of back off and proceeds for the engagement. Everyone waits for Toranmal. Surajmal informs them that he ran away.


They get shocked. Surajmal apologizes to Mamrath ji. Uma Devi blames Hansa Bai and Mamrath ji for giving too much freedom to Ajabde. Mamrath doubts his decision for Ajabde. Everyone leaves as the engagement is called off. Jaivanti Bai gets angry at Uma Devi. Uday Singh asks Mamrath ji about Ajabde’s hand in marriage to Pratap. They get happy while Uma Devi gets shocked. Mamrath ji accepts the alliance and folds his hand infront of Uday Singh. They hug each other. Uma Devi blames Dheer Bai for the happenings. Dheer Bai thinks to do something. Ajabde tells Saubhagyawati that she will write a letter to Phool and only after getting her consent she will marry Pratap. Pratap takes the blessings from everyone. Hansa Bai distributes sweets to everyone.


Dheer Bai writes a letter to Maldev ji putting blame on Uday Singh. Ajabde gets Phool’s letter. Dheer Bai and Uma devi come there and take the letter. They read the letter and lies to Ajabde that Phool hasn’t been able to forget Pratap and she is giving Pratap to you as her amanat (safe keeping). Ajabde is shocked. She tells Hansa Bai that she don’t want to marry Pratap. They order her to accept their  decision. Ajabde threatens to kill herself if  they force her. Pratap gets upset and refuses to marry her. Akbar gives death sentence to Bairam Khan. Akbar’s mother and Rukaiyya get shocked. Pratap gets ready to leave Bijolia. Chakrapani tries to make him understand but in vain. Uday Singh talks to Ajabde about her refusal.


Ajabde tells him that Phool loves Pratap very much and that’s why she refused. Uday Singh tells that he can’t  accept her sacrifice. He pretends to get angry and tells everyone that are leaving for chittor. Maldev  Ji and Phool come to Bijolia. Uma Devi and Dheer Bai get upset as their plan might fail because of Phool. Mamrath ji welcomes Maldev ji. Phool greets Uday Singh. He smiles. Maldev ji tells Jaivanti Bai that he didn’t come there to say against against her husband. Hansa Bai takes Phool with her. Jaivanti Bai tells Phool that they are leaving as Ajabde refused the alliance. Phool insists to talk to Ajabde.


Phool and Pratap meet on the way to Ajabde’s room. Pratap tells her that he is leaving and tells about Ajabde’s stubborness. Phool decides to comvince Ajabde for marriage. Phool knocks on Ajabde’s door. She finally opens it after much convincing. Ajabde talks to Phool about Pratap and Phool’s wedding and says she is really happy. Phool slaps her. Maldevi ji asks Uday Singh to accept Phool and Pratap’s alliance. Phool tells her that Pratap loves her. She tells her that she don’t need her sacrifice. Ajabde happens to read the letter written by Phool and gets shocked. Phool comes to stop Pratap.


Pratap and Ajabde look at each other. Pratap doesn’t want to talk to her. Ajabde holds the reins of the horse. Phool smiles and tells him that she is going inside to give the good news to everyone that Ajabde agreed. Pratap is surprised. Ajabde tells him that it depends on her now if he wants to marry her or not. Phool gives the good news to everyone. Chakrapani gets happy. Ajabde finally convinces Pratap and proposes him marriage. Pratap smiles and they share an eye lock. Uday Singh agrees for Phool and Pratap’s engagement oblivious to Ajabde’s decision. Phool tells everyone about Ajabde and Pratap. Maldev ji gets angry and walks off. Phool assures everyone that she will make her father agree.


Maldev tells Phool that he agreed to get her married to Pratap even though Pratap is from enemy state. He asks, am I nothing to you? She tells her that they are made for each other. She tries to convince him. Uma Devi tries to instigate Maldev ji against Pratap and asks him to get Phool married to Pratap. Maldev ji says, he can’t force Phool to marry Pratap. Pratap seeks blessings from Mamrath ji and Hansa Bai. They get happy. Chakrapani goes to fulfill his mannat. Bairam Khan proceeds to get his death punishment.  Uday Singh tells that Ajabde is the right girl  for Pratap. Ajabde apologizes to him. Phool feels sad. Rukaiyya bi asks Akbar to forgive Bairam Khan. He refuses.


Dheer Bai searches letter in Ajabde’s room. Ajabde shows her the letter. Dheer realizes that Ajabde comes to know about the truth and tells her that Phool and Pratap’s marriage will be beneficial for Mewar. Ajabde tells her that Maldev ji won’t shake hands with enemies and Phool is there to guide him. She gives her a good reply. Dheer Bai leaves. Akbar’s mom and Rukaiyya ask him to stop Bairam’s punishment. Akbar gets thinking while the executor raises his sword on Bairam Khan. Keep reading.