Veer challenges Sanchi to throw her out of the hospital; Find out who wins

Savitri Devi College & Hospital has been doing well in the recent times. The medical drama has been witnessing high voltage drama for quite some time.

business loans has got hands on the upcoming track of the medical drama. According to a source, in the upcoming episodes, a major showdown will be witnessed. As per the track Veer (played by Varun Kapoor) will challenge Sanchi (Swarda Thigale). He will give her an ultimatum of one month to throw her out of the hospital. He will challenge her that in a month he will make sure that she is out of the hospital.

Things won’t cease here. After 15 days, he will again give her an ultimatum of 48 hours. He will threaten to expose her truth and evict her from the hospital. Despite planning, plotting and scheming Veer’s plan will go down the drain.

Sanchi will win the challenge and Veer’s plan to throw her would be unsuccessful. She would then give him a piece of her mind on how no one can remove her from the hospital because it’s hers.

Sounds exciting? What will be Veer’s plans and how things will transpire is something the viewers will get to see in the episodes. Stay tuned to TellyChakkar, your one-stop source of news, infotainment and gossips.

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