Vineet Raina’s 15 kg ‘Mud Bath’ on the sets of Kaala Teeka!

The actor applies 15 Kgs of Multani Mitti for a scene

Handsome actor Vineet Raina is currently impressing audiences with his power-packed performance on ZEE TV’s Kaala Teeka.

For an upcoming episode of the show, Vineet’s character Devri, takes a mud bath to hide from everyone. Since mud damages skin, the makers of the show decided to use multani mitti to avoid any further complications. Considering the intensity of the scene, Vineet managed to dip himself for 4 hours in 15 kgs of Multani Mitti before he faced the cameras!

Speaking of his efforts for the scene, Vineet said, “Ever since the creative team informed me about the scene, I was extremely excited to do it as it was my first ever scene doused in mud. Since I had to stay smeared with mud for 4 long hours, they used multani mitti instead, which, in fact, has therapeutic properties and is good for the skin. However, it was a task managing it for four hours, as I was unable to talk with the sticky pack applied all over me. After I took it off, though, everyone said I was glowing!”

Kaala Teeka is all set to surprise its viewers with some high-octane drama where Kali gets to know that it is Devri who is trying to hurt Naina. Kali and Manjari will then plan to kill Devri before he can harm Naina.

Will Kali be able to kill Devri in time to save Naina? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for further updates.

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