WHAATT? Ayan makes a COMEBACK and gets Maya ARRESTED on her baby-shower in ‘Beyhadh?’

Is he seeking revenge??

Sony TV’s Beyhadh is all set to showcase a 6 month leap that goes on-air today. In the upcoming episodes, the situation will change drastically from the last time you witnessed Maya (Jennifer Winget), Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani).

Now that Samay’s (Piyush Sahdev) chapter is over and Maya vows to become a better woman, the leap will kickstart with happy times (after the illusionary image of Maya committing suicide is cleared out as witnessed in the last moments of the previous episode).

Everyone will be happy as Maya is now (apparently) a changed woman and has decided the same for her child. At her baby shower ceremony, Vandana (Swati Shah) and Janvi (Kavita Ghai) will be in full spirits as they perform the rituals of the baby shower with Maya.

However, the mood and setting will undergo a sudden change as Ayan (Summit Bhardwaj) will make a COMEBACK after serving his term in prison. Looking sleek and more serious than ever, Ayan will make a roaring entry where he would go and hug his ‘bhabhi’ – Maya. The discomfort on Maya’s face will be evident than ever.

But things will get even stranger as Ayan will get policemen with him who will claim to arrest Maya for all the hideous crimes she has committed. The shock will engulf one and all including Maya herself.

However, it will be settled later as Ayan will reveal that it was merely a prank and everyone will break into laughter.

But, amidst all this, there will be one person who will be unsure about Maya’s ‘change’ and that will be Saanjh. She will still have her doubts about Maya being the Maya everyone knows.

Is this another trick by Maya? Was Ayan’s ‘prank’ a message that he will get his revenge? How will Arjun tackle these situations?

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