Suresh betraying his dutiful wife Sharda for a second woman in Sony’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Sharda takes Sakshi and Latika to a temple for the puja. They pray for their husbands’ long life. Suresh is going somewhere. He calls someone and asks him to make sure there is no problem in the their stay. Sakshi takes Karan’s blessings. Sharda tells her that she wants someone to call her Dadi. Latika gets hungry and asks them to come home. Sharda calls Suresh to take his blessings atleast on phone, but he disconnects the call. Sharda gets home. They go home. Karan and Sakshi come to her and asks her to get ready as their Dad planned something for her. Sharda gets happy.

Sakshi, Sharda and Karan come to a restaurant. Sharda is happy. She gets a bouquet of roses. She thinks Suresh still remembers her likes. She is happy to see the menu of her liking. Sharda says, she don’t feel like eating. Sakshi shows her Suresh’s photo and asks her to eat something. Sharda wishes Suresh to be with her. She breaks her fast. She reminiscences the past years and tells Sakshi and Karan, how Suesh took her to restaurant in their younger days, but later got busy in office.

Just then Suresh enters the restaurant. She goes to clean her hands and sees Suresh. She gets happy. She calls him, but he doesn’t hear her. He opens her arms. Sharda feels happiness. She gets shocked to see Suresh hugging some other lady happily. Sharda gets shell shocked. Karan and Sakshi come back. They ask Sharda, what happened. Sharda lies to them. She asks them to take her home. Sakshi is sure that she is hiding something. She cries in her room and thinks what she saw. She thinks to asks Suresh about it.

It shows that Suresh is in love with the lady. They say I love you to each other. Suresh gets a call from his employee that he have to sign some papers. Suresh gets angry and thinks to go home before Karan and Latika find out about it. His second wife complains to him that he couldn’t spend much time with her. He promises to be back and leaves. Dadi praises Sharda for keeping the fast for Suresh every year. She gets angry at Suresh. Suresh comes back home, shocking Sharda. Sakshi takes his luggage. Suresh tells Dadi that work has been done, so he came early. Sakshi gets suspicious about Sharda’s behavior.

Sharda questions Suresh about the lady. He scolds her for doubting him and tells her that they hug each other in work culture. He scolds her badly and asks her to leave. Pallavi calls Suresh. Sharda is about to pick the call, but Suresh picks the call. He promises her that he will be back tomorrow. Karan prepares a breakfast for Sakshi. She gets happy. Sharda asks Sakshi about the hug between the co- workers. Sakshi says, it is normal. Sharda thinks she hurts Suresh.

Sakshi asks Sharda to start working on the patola saree design. Sharda agrees to get the material from the market. Suresh brings Pallavi to the shopping mall. Sharda too have come to the same mall, but they didn’t see each other. Sharda buys the thread from the shop. Pallavi comes there and appreciates her choice. Sharda recollects seeing her with Suresh and thinks to question her, but Pallavi leaves from the shop.

Pallavi and Sharda come to the same shop for buying a watch for Suresh. Suresh is attending the call. Sharda gets shocked as Pallavi has selected the same watch. Pallavi asks Sharda to buy the watch as she noticed it first. Suresh is about to enter the shop, but stops after seeing Sharda. He calls Pallavi and asks her to come as he has to go for urgent meeting. Pallavi requests Sharda to let her buy the watch. Sharda agrees. Sharda reads the name of Pallavi as Mrs. Ajmera on the bill and is relieved. Suresh and Pallavi leaves.

Sharda explains Sakshi about husband and wife relation. She asks her to make her grandmother and tells her that it will make the husband and wife relation stronger. Sakshi gets shy. Suresh comes back home. Sharda gifts him wallet. He scolds her for wasting his money and asks her to give it to Karan. Later Sharda sees the watch on the table which Pallavi brought for her husband and gets shocked. Suresh gets worried. Sharda recalls her conversation with Pallavi.

She asks him, if Pallavi gifted it to him. Suresh pretends to be disgusted and asks her if he is cheating her at this age? He tells her that he brought that watch for Karan. He tells her that he is ashamed to call her as his wife. Sharda feels bad for doubting him. Suresh thinks Pallavi have to leave the city immediately. Suresh comes to Pallavi and asks here when she is going back. She tells her that she cancels her tickets and will be spending time with him. Suresh thinks to be careful.

Sharda is sad for doubting her so called loyal husband. Latika comes home and asks for Suresh. Sharda tells her that he is not at home. Latika gets surprised and tells her that he didn’t come to office since many days. Pallavi asks Suresh to gift her necklace. Suresh recalls the jeweller delivering the necklace at his home. He orders similar necklace for her. Pallavi gets happy and hugs him. They leave for the party.

Karan calls Sakshi on the pretext of file. They enjoy some romantic moments. Sharda regrets her mistake and repents as Suresh spend a night outside. Pallavi wants Suresh to do some things for her today, shopping, visiting friends, movie and romantic candle light dinner. He gets worried. Pallavi takes lift from Sharda. She calls Suresh and asks him to come to the temple. He gets curious about her friend. Suresh reaches the temple. Sharda speaks about destiny. Keep reading.