Abhimanyu Chaudhary gets inked for Zee TV’s Manmohini

MUMBAI: Abhimanyu Chaudhary gets inked for Zee TV’s Manmohini Any show’s antagonist is very crucial to the story graph so getting into character is of utmost importance. The newest bad boy on the block is actor Abhimanyu Chaudhary who plays Vivian in Zee TV’s show Manmohini. He has taken a lot of effort to make his character Vivian look convincing on screen and to do so, Abhimanyu got temporary tattoos of different atheist symbols inscribed on his hands. In the show, Vivian essays the character of Ram’s (played by Ankit Siwach) brother and hates the fact that their family always chooses Ram over him. On the path of vengeance, Vivian is seen performing various dark rituals in order to get his family to be on his side and show his brother down.

The interesting part is that Abhimanyu in real life is a firm believer in God but has no qualms about playing an atheist. Abhimanyu shared, “Off screen, I am a very different from what I am on screen. Vivian is unkind and filled with hatred and is always trying to one up Ram in order to gain his family’s confidence. But I am quite opposite in real life. Also, I strongly believe in the divine power while Vivian doesn’t. I’m happy to be doing something offbeat and add various elements to make my character interesting. This is my first TV show and I want to give it my 100% for which I will not shy away from getting myself inked. I hope that the audience like and enjoy my performance.”

As the story unfolds, the viewers will see Vivian and Ram pitted against each other and also getting into some intense brawls.

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