Chetna jealous as Divya seduces Varun in MTV Ace of Space

MUMBAI: The drama quotient at MTV Ace of Space has spiced up. With Varun Sood, Divya Agarwal, and Chetna Pande’s actions on the show, we wonder whether they ever will be friends or whether love won’t let a friendship bloom!

Viewers saw Varun Sood confessing his love for Divya Agarwal, and he thought the girls may become friends in the near future, but the latest episode hinted at something else.

The particular episode saw host and mastermind Vikas Gupta introducing the housemates to their day’s task. They were given a chance to become hosts and have their own show.

During Varun’s show, while grooving to a sexy number, Divya seduced him. Wondering how Varun reacted? Well, the lover boy was mesmerized. Meanwhile, during Chetna’s show, which she named Spice It Up, she asked Varun about how it feels to realize that he is in love.

Considering that Varun and Chetna once liked each other, we wonder if Chetna questioned or taunted him!

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