Kapil gets arrested by the Police on Mona’s complaint, Yudh surprised to see Rishi becoming responsible, Police takes Anand to a jungle for an encounter in Sony’s Yudh.

In Yudh, The Inspector enquires Mona about Smriti and asks her to tell the truth. Mona says says she came for a college sponsorship and called to thank me. Kapil gives Mona’s laptop to Dharmesh and Ashish. Anand thinks Mona must be in trouble and calls the detective. Yudh informs Anand that situation is out of control as home minister has asked for an enquiry. Rishi’s secretary calls Yudh and informs that police came in search of Dabra. Ajju warns Gauri that Taruni might be caught in some problem because of Yudh. Nayantara tells Ranjan that she has a good business plan with which even he can be benefitted. He talks to Rishi and tries to take him in his words. Rishi understands his plan and praises his acting.


Inspector comes and asks Manju where is Kapil Singh? He says he raped a minor girl. Kapil tries to run from there, but police catches him and takes him with them. Manju asks Mona to do something and slaps her. Gauri talks to her husband about Taruni and gets worried about her involvement with Yudh. Dabra goes missing. Minister tells the Inspector to catch him soon. Inspector comes and asks Taruni to come with him for bomb blast investigation. Yudh says he is owner of the company and to question him, but Inspector takes Taruni with him.


Taruni is being questioned about Dabra. Gauri calls her and gets tensed after knowing that she is in police station. Rishi talks to his friend Ankit about his kidnapping trauma. Manju blames Mona for sending kapil to Jail and asks her father to hire a good lawyer. Mona calls Anand and informs him. Inspector tells Manju that Kapil will be freed by Mona takes back her complaint. Nayantara comes to know that Rishi went back and gets tensed. Mona’s father asks her to take the complaint back. Mona refuses.


Anand picks Yudh’s phone and the lady says that state intelligence has a memo that ALIF naxalites are behind bomb blast. He asks who is she. She cuts the call. Anand meets intelligence officer and requests him to give him a memo copy. Officer refuses. Anand then meets lady who called him at a temple. Yudh checks memo paper and asks Anand to give it to press. Rishi goes there and says they should stop home minister.  He says he wants to run the company like Yudh wants and says we have to be courageous and fight the naxalites and make our workers courageous. Yudh calls Nayan and informs that Rishi is with him.


Yudh calls Anand and informs about Taruni reaching home back after the memo news release. Anand says he did not yet give it to news channels. Naxalite lady comes to Rishi’s room. Rishi gets surprised. Lady informs that she is a police officer and informs about naxalites movement to her higher ups. He asks why is she informing him this? she says, she wants to thank him. He says he is the mastermind behind recent naxalite arrests and says he wants to be like his dad.


Rishi calls Yudh and says he he wants to investigate about the bomb blast as he feels some insider is behind it. Yudh says we should not do it. Gauri’s husband asks her to stop Taruni from working with Yudh. Ajju informs her about her accident. Kapil asks his lawyer to get him out else he will spill the beans. Anand meets someone and says that he wants to know who killed Anuj Malik as he knows everything what happens in jail. The man says he just knows who gave supari. Inspector comes and arrests him.


Rishi and secretary reaches adivasi village and sits between adivasis for pooja. Mona meets her detective who informs that Dharmendra Malik’s lawyer came to meet Kapil. She is shocked. Kapil says to ward boy that once he gets out, he will give him money. Dharmendra asks Ashish to get Kapil out of jail. Yudh meets Gautam and they talk about Rishi and Taruni. Gauri talks to Taruni about the auto accident. Smriti escapes from the hospital and doctor starts fighting with nurse for letting her elope. Police catches her. Police bring Anand and his friend to a jungle and shot his friend. Anand snatches his gun and escapes from there. Keep reading.