Yudh appoints Taruni as his company’s new CEO, Rishi gets saved from the naxalites by the tribal kids, Taruni gets Yudh’s case file in his office in Sony’s Yudh.

In Yudh, Mona sees the news on TV that Anuj Malik was behind hospital bomb blast and Yudh is innocent. Yudh asks Mona to take care of Mukesh. Taruni sees Yudh’s report and comes to know that he is suffering from Huntington’s disease and it is incurable. She gets sad. Yudh informs Anand about his illness and says his worries are his way to dead bed. Anand asks him to obtain legal indemnity. Yudh gets Huntington attack. Anand hears his writhing sound and sees Yudh on floor. He calls Dr. Mehra and asks him to come soon.  Dr. Mehra sits in his car and starts driving, but meets with an accident. Someone takes Yudh’s case file from his car. Anand calls Taruni who comess to Yudh’s office and gives him injection. Nayantara comes there and gets upset seeing Taruni there. She asks her to leave.

Inspector informs Anand about Dr. Mehra’s accident. Anand gets shocked and rushes to the accident spot. Taruni tells her boyfriend Ajju about Yudh’s disease. Nayan asks Yudh to hand over the business to Rishi. He says he will think later. Anand informs Yudh about Dr. Mehra’s accident. They think someone knew that he would be coming and searches for the microphone. They get the microphone in the office. Dr. Ganatra calls Yudh and asks him to get his case file from Dr. Mehra’s hospital. Anand enquires with the Inspector about Yudh case file. Inspector says they didn’t get it in Dr. Mehra’s car. Mukesh’s new channel reporter reads news that Dr. Mehra’s accident was a conspiracy by Shanti construction company.

Yudh tells Taruni that someone is trying to tarnish is image and asks her to get info about his illness from Dr. Ganatra and treat him till he returns. Dr. Mehra gets critical. Dharmendra asks the lawyer to get his son out of Jail. Ranjan tries to fill Nayantara’s ears against Taruni. Ashish comes to Dharmendra and threatens to take revenge. Dharmendra says, he just wants his son back. Mona meets Kavita and they have a good time at the club. Mona’s brother in law keeps hand on Mona’s mouth. Someone kills Anuj in the jail. Dharmendra gets shocked. Dr. Mehra dies leaving his son and wife behind. They weep over his death.

Dr. Mehra’s son gives statement against Yudh and tells the Police that his dad was scared of Yudh and wasn’t keeping well. Taruni has firm believe on Yudh. Nayantara asks Yudh to get another doctor. Yudh says, he can’t believe on anyone other than Taruni and Dr. Mehra. Yudh sees the news and calls Mona, but her phone is untraceable. Nayantara tells Yudh that he should have tell Rishi about his illness and they would have get him treated in US. Anand and Yudh discuss about the person involved in the Dr. Mehra’s accident. Anand comes to know about Rahul Mehra’s illegally selling the medicines from Dr. Mehra’s clinic. nand shows the video to Dr. Mehra’s wife.  Yudh tells her that Rahul was selling Dr. Mehra’s medicines in black. He tells that he was not having any enemity with Dr. Mehra. Taruni asks them to call the press conference and make Yudh’s illness known to public. Taruni tells Ajju that she is helping Yudh in something.

Someone follows Taruni and shoots at her rickshaw. She gets shocked and tells the Inspector that she has to go somewhere urgently. Ajju argues with her. Yudh comes to give the press conference and asks for Mona. He starts giving the speech that Dr. Mehra was his personal doctor and was treating him. He starts sweating and tells the media that he is ill with Huntington’s disease and it is a rare disease. Dr. Mehra’s wife gives a statement that Yudh is not behind Dr. Mehra’s death. Yudh appoints his daughter Taruni as a new CEO. Nayan calls Rishi and informs about Taruni becoming CEO of company. Taruni says Yudh that she is not okay with his decision. Yudh says the company will run like before and Anand and Mona are there for her help. She says she is a doctor and wants to be a doctor forever.

Anand meets Mona. Mona informs him that her Jija Kapil is back and is possessing her laptop and phone which has sensitive information. Anand is shocked. Kapil reaches home and meets his wife and cooks up a fake story. Kapil threatens Mona. Yudh attends Dr. Mehra’s funeral. Dharmendra threatens him. Rishi meets his little friends and invites them for a party at his house. Naxalites hear him. Taruni doubts on Yudh. Gauri says to Mona that Yudh which she knew would not do that. Maybe he is compromising due to business pressure.

Rishi is partying with his cricket team. His friends take him to the jungle. He gets lost. Yudh gets a call about Rishi’s kidnapping. Nayantara blames Taruni and Yudh. Yudh calls the collector. Taruni gives medicines to Nayan and informs Yudh about it. Inspector informs collector that Rishi befriended with tribal children who made this plan. Rishi asks naxalites to free him and gets a slap by them. Rishi asks naxalite why did they kidnap him. Lady naxalite says they need a share in his business.  Yudh says he will do his best to get his son released. Gopal says the situation is in their favour as it is the best time to provoke adivasis against naxalities. Yudh says he does not have time for politics.

Rishi’s secretary brings a letter from naxalites. Manoj reads it in front of everyone. Yudh gets an attack. Taruni takes care of him. Nayantara thanks her. Anand meets minister who asks him to speak to his officers to search Rishi soon.  Yudh says he is okay with all their demands. Commissioner says Manoj is right, we should first let our officers interrogate and then accept their demands.  Naxalite takes Rishi’s video in which he says he is alive and enjoying mineral water and natural air, he asks his cricket team champions not to worry. Taruni asks Yudh to release the kids. Rishi flees from Naxalites. e reaches village with great difficulty, but naxalites nab him again and beat him. Yudh says he just wants his son back and accepts naxalites demand. Naxalites watch news that Yudh has accepted their demands. Naxalities wait for an order from their high command.

Manoj informs Yudh that naxalites have increased their demands and asking 20 crores ransom. Yudh says it is a negotiation, so either 20 crores or earlier demand.  Nayan asks him to accept both demands. Yudh asks Manoj to go and inform naxalites. Adivasi kid reaches naxalite hiding spot and saves Rishi. Police hear a movement while searching, does not realize it is Rishi and start firing bullets on him. Anand gets a call from police who says Rishi is safe, he escaped from kidnapper. Yudh thanks police for rescuing Rishi. Inspector says adivasi kids saved him and he should thank them. Yudh thanks kids. Inspector thinks to inform reporters that Rishi escaped himself.  Yudh says we should intead allege naxalites that they took 20 crores and released Rishi.

Naxalite leader scolds his group and gets angry hearing news about getting 20 crores. Manoj brings bomb to mining area and asks his men to fix it. Rishi wakes up and asks Yudh about his adivasi friends who saved his life. Yudh says they went home. Anand informs about the mining bomb blast. Yudh informs it to the collector and asks her to send rescue team. Anand manages the matter and says Yudh that 20 crores issue has backfired on them. Yudh’s manager informs that all workers are rescued except 2 whose condition is critical. Anand calls Yudh and says they are running out of medicines. Yudh asks him to open a hospital near the mines immediately.

Taruni shows Dr. Mehra’s medical report of his illness and says when Rishi was kidnapped she found the file on his table shocking Yudh. Keep reading.