Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi asks Sherlyn to get property papers from Luthra house and leave

The episode sees how Shrishty notices that something is wrong. She wants Preeta to tell her what went wrong. Preeta says she got a job but it is a job working with the cricket team. Shrishty realises she is working with Karan. Preeta says that she ended up at the Luthra house because Mahira hurt herself with crackers. Shrishty asks Preeta what Karan told her on the day she met him on Karwa Chauth. Preeta asks Shrishty to promise her that she never tells Karan that he broke her fast that day. Kareena is still angry after Preeta spoke rudely to her. She wants to make sure that Preeta removes the sindoor and mangalsutra that Karan gave her. Prithvi asks Sherlyn to get the property papers from the Luthra house and leave. Sherlyn says she will do that as soon as she finds out where Mahesh has hidden them. Sherlyn promises to find the papers in a few days. Mahira is in the kitchen looking for something to eat but her hands are burnt. Karan decides to feed her with his own hands.

Sameer sees Karan and Mahira bonding and decides to stop it. Janki tells Preeta that her mother is ill. Preeta goes with Shrishty to check on her mom. Sarla says she is not that sick and will be fine in a few days. Preeta find out that she has high fever and goes to the get the medicine box. While Preeta goes to collect the medicine box in the kitchen, sees Janki there. Janki says she had jokes that Preeta went to the Luthra house. When Preeta also joked about being at the Luthra house, Janki says she saw Sarla feel shocked. She blames that incident for Sarla’s illness.

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