Bigg Boss 13’s Rashami Desai reveals how Sidharth Shukla used to fight before filming romantic scenes

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular shows. The reality show is known for endless drama, fights, issues and controversies. Season 13 of the show is currently on air and the drama is in full swing. Two of the contestants who are constantly making headlines for their issues are Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla.

Amidst all the drama, Rashami has finally opened up about their continuous fallout and the reasons behind it. The actress revealed how Sidharth Shukla kept on saying Rashami should be grateful to him, for letting her be on the show. According to Sidharth, the makers were supposed to replace Rashami, but it was Sidharth who convinced the makers to let Rashami be on the show. However, Rashami has a different story to narrate, which clearly stated the otherwise, of Sidharth asking the makers to drop Rashami from the show instead.

She also revealed that though the two were seen performing several romantic scenes in their show, Dil Se Dil Tak, they never shared a cordial relationship off-screen. She said that the duo used to often quarrel even before shooting these romantic scenes, but never let that reflect on the screen. Rashami was heard saying that Just before the lovemaking scenes, Sidharth used to abuse her and when the shot was on they used to film all romantic scenes.

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