Nach Baliye 9: Madhurima, Anita and Shraddha pay a musical tribute to Helen

The episode begins with Ahmed Khan and Prince’s tiff after the latter decided to quit the show. Ahmed tells him to quit. The contestants get tensed as Prince begins to walk out.

Suddenly, Prince starts laughing and says, “I can’t do this anymore.” Even Ahmed joins him. Prince and the judges pulled off a prank on the contestants as revenge from the previous episode. They had voted Prince-Yuvika out to wish them on their anniversary.

Later, Ahmed announces that there will be no vote-out and also voting lines will be closed and only the top scorers will reach Top five. Dance diva Helen makes a smashing entry. She tells it’s Salman’s show and she came here for her ‘bachcha’. In the retro theme week, Shantanu and Nityaami perform on the song ‘Aaja Aaja’. Helen is very impressed to see their performance. She calls him fabulous.

Helen tells Maniesh Paul not to dance and spoil Shammi Kapoor’s dance moves. Shantanu fumbles while speaking to Helen ji and wants to dance with her. Helen tells him that earlier she used dance in front of an audience and entertain them, right now she will sit and enjoy. They score 96.5 percent.

Prince and Yuvika dance on the song Hum tum ek kamre me bandh ho. The judges love their act. They score 90 percent. Aly and Natasa perform on the song Naino me sapna. Raveena and Helen enjoy their act. They score 90.5 percent. Madhurima, Anita and Shraddha pay a musical tribute to Helen by performing to some hit songs of Helen.

Helen gets emotional and says that she almost had tears in her eyes. Anita and Rohit’s emotional act on Ae zindagi gale laga le moves the judges. They score 98 percent. Helen makes an exit.

Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar come as guests. Madhurima and Vishal perform on the song Bheegi bheegi raaton me. Ahmed asks them about their cold vibes. Madhurima tells them that everything is finished and they are not even friends anymore.

Vishal says that he is finished in the show and he is not himself anymore. He gives up and Ahmed tells him to calm down. All the contestants cheer him. Maniesh asks Taapsee and Bhumi to share their views on the act and they look in shock. Bhumi tells that they are so engrossed in their conversation that they forgot they have to comment. Taapsee tells Vishal to smile as she is scared to see him. They score 89.8 per cent.

Shraddha and Alam perform on the song Pardesiya. Post her act, Shraddha complains that Ahmed and Raveena were talking to themselves and didn’t pay notice. She was losing concentration. Raveena tells that it shouldn’t concern her and if while performance the performers get distracted she will deduct their marks. Shraddha tells them that they were talking in between. Raveena strictly tells her to focus on her dance and not blame the judges.

She adds that seeing the judges during the performance, shouldn’t be a criteria. However, later Raveena tells Alam that they are the forerunners for the finals. Taapsee and Bhumi join Shraddha and Alam to dance on the same song. Their average percent is 96.

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