Ashnoor Kaur shares her childhood memories of Diwali and they are so relatable

Diwali is just a few days away and everyone is busy preparing for this big festival of the year. Even our favourite TV stars are busy prepping to celebrate Diwali with their family and friends. But apart from shopping and making sweets and buying gifts, we all miss our childhood memories of Diwali.

One such star who has got nostalgic is none other than Ashnoor Kaur. Yes, the actress went down the memory lane as the festival of lights is drawing closer.

Ashnoor shared lots of things about her Diwali through her Instagram post. The actress recollected her days of Diwali where she used to visit friends and family. She also shared how she loved to binge on a variety of sweets and savouries made by her loved ones.

Ashnoor also gave us all a reality check about how these days’ people just wish each other through messages.

The actress revealed how delighted she was to receive presents and money from her relatives and used to save it in her piggy bank. Ashnoor is missing all the thrill and happiness which everyone had to meet and greet each other which have vanished nowadays. Well, we all do miss those days.

Ashnoor’s Diwali memories are very beautiful and are also very relatable to most of us.

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