‘THIS’ act of Bijal Joshi impresses her Ladies Special team

MUMBAI: Sony Entertainment Television’s Ladies Special is keeping the viewers hooked with its interesting twists and turns. Recently, while shooting a temple sequence, Bijal Joshi, who plays the character of Bindu in the show, faced a tough time shooting in the heat.

She was seen praying for her husband Amar’s good health as he has close to 2 percent chances of living.

It was 32 degrees, and Bijal was shooting barefoot and in a saree. Her feet were burning as the temple stones were hot. The sequence also required her to fall from the temple steps. To make it look real, she really tripped, and had the junior artists not held her, she would have fallen until the last step of the temple. She now has a few bruises on her left side, but she said, ‘Had the junior artists not held me, I would have fallen very badly.’

In spite of this, the actress completed the sequence, took medical aid, and gave a brilliant shot. Everyone on the set appreciated her sporting spirit.

Keep up the good work, Bijal!

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