Aanchal/Ria takes Abhi to a graveyard to spend some romantic moments in Sony’s Tum Aise Hi Rehna.

In Tum Aise Hi Rehna, Aanchal gets in Ria’s body during eclipse with the help of a tantrik. Ria doesn’t know about Aanchal’s soul getting inside her to get Abhi. Kailash asks Abhi to go to the site as the truck loaded with marbles had fallen in the lake. Ria/Aanchal stops him and says you will not go. Aanchal thinks she is in Ria’s body and have to behave like Ria. She lets him go. Aanchal asks him to come back fast for the first special night. Rukmani asks Abhi to apologizes to Guruji. He apologizes and asks why did it happen? Guruji says he will tell when the time is right. Rukmani and Kailash insist him to stay at their home. He agrees. The tantrik do the puja and thinks Aanchal is in trouble. Tantrik comes to Ria’s room in disguise of Sheetal and tells he came for her safety. He asks her to be careful from that Guruji. Aanchal asks for the trick to make Guruji leave the house. Tantrik asks her to give love to Abhi, so that he don’t believe on anyone else.
Tantrik comes out of Sheetal’s body. Sarthak says may be you are influenced with ghost. Abhi comes home and sees it is dark. He sees the house decorated with candles. Aanchal says I am relieved to see you. Abhi asks her to come to the room. Aanchal says no one will come between us today. She hugs him romantically and sings Jadu Hai Nasha hain.Abhi asks Ria/Aanchal, if there is anything special today. She eyes Abhi and says today is our first night. She says she wants to feel this night as their first night. Abhi asks are you fine? She says yes, but is very romantic today. She switches on the music system and dances on the song Mohe Rang Lagade Re. Abhi is surprised with her behavior. She is about to kiss him, just then Abhi and Ria’s photo frame falls down. Abhi gets up. Rukmani comes to his room and says she is worried about the accident. Even Kailash is worried. Ria/Aanchal stares Rukmani angrily. She thinks she spoiled my night and decides to punish her.
Rukmani notices Ria eyeing her angrily and shamelessly. Aanchal makes her fall from the stairs. Rukmani shouts. Abhi asks how did you fall down. Aanchal smirks. She is taken to the hospital. Doctor checks Rukmani and says you are fine. The bone is not broken. Rukmani says someone pushed me from the stairs and insisted to stay at the hospital. Aanchal gets angry. Aanchal/Ria gives some tablets to Rukmani and smirks. Rukmani sleeps. Aanchal tells Abhi that they have to shift Rukmani to ward. The ward boys come and say that they have to shift her to the room. Aanchal eyes the room number and thinks this is the same room where I was kept. Doctor asks them to be careful about the glucose drip. Aanchal gets an idea and takes out the glucose drip to kill her. Abhi comes and sees Ria taking out the drip and gets shocked. Ria/Aanchal lies to him. She tries to inject the drip. Abhi calls the doctor. Doctor comes and asks Ria to inject the drip, but she couldn’t. Doctor injects the drip then. She starts acting blaming Aanchal for trying to kill her.
Abhi says you need a psychiatrist’s help. Ria says let Maaji gets well first, then I will come where ever you say. She smirks. Rukmani gets discharged from the hospital. Kailash tells Abhi that he will bring Rukmani home and asks Abhi to take Ria with him. Abhi’s car stops as Aanchal plans to spend some time with him. Ria says she knows the short cut and takes him to the graveyard. She starts acting asking Aanchal to come infront of her. Ria eyes the petrol can and fill it up. She gives the petrol filled can to Abhi. An old man comes there holding lantern and says you are a bad spirit. He asks Abhi to run for his life. Abhi wonders why he is saying like this. She shows him swinger and insists to swing. Abhi gets surprised why she is doing this. She says she wants to relive all the moments. Abhi swings it. Aanchal shouts I love you. Keep reading.