Arzoo fails to prove her innocence; Sahir challenges her to sell the dresses; Arzoo accepts and finds it difficult; Arzoo decides to go back in Sony’s Humsafars.

In Humsafars, Arzoo sees Anam coming out of outhouse and thinks what she was doing. Arzoo asks Zara to give her dupatta. Zara gets shocked and tells her that she sold that dupatta. Arzoo is shocked. She asks whom did she sell it. Zara takes Anam’s name shocking Arzoo. Zara apologizes and says she sold it for her family. Arzoo says Anam did not buy that dupatta, but shame for your sister. Arzoo informs them everything and cries on her shattered dreams. Dadi consoles her. Kurti Apa offers to Join Anam to conspire against Arzoo. Anam says she is an old player and must retire now. Arzoo gets sad and recalls the promises made to her family. Her mum Nausheen consoles her. Zara apologizes to her and decides to get dupatta from Anam somehow.

Sahir waits for Arzoo to come and tells Anam that every human being has a right to prove himself. Anam gets irked. He sees Arzoo coming to office and tells her that she has time till 12 noon tomorrow to prove her innocence. She agrees and calls Zara. She informs her about Sahir’s 12 noon deadline. Zara comes to Anam and asks her to return the dupatta. Anam refuses and gives her one more lakh. Zara throws it and decides to get it anyhow. Sahir calls Arzoo and asks her to open his cabin’s door. She worriedly opens it and thinks he cannot even open his cabin’s door. Zara informs Arzoo that Anam refused to return the dupatta. Arzoo thinks she has time till 12 noon tomorrow.

Arzoo enters Anam’s room and get her dupatta. She throws it towards Zara. Zara catches it and throws it towards Myra. Kurti sees Myra and thinks she has to know what these goats are doing. Arzoo waits for Anam in her room. Anam gets surprised seeing her and threatens to inform her family. Arzoo threatens to expose her instead and leaves. Arzoo gives coffee to Sahir. She tells him that she got proof of her innocence. Zara gives the bag. Sahir sees towel in the bag and gets angry. Anam criticizes Arzoo. Kurti Apa taunts Arzoo. Arzoo says she does not know how did she get this towel in bag instead of dupatta. She says when she becomes a big designer then he will accept that she was telling truth. Sahir leaves.

Sahir reminisces Arzoo’s pleas that she is innocent and Anam stole her designs. He recalls Arzoo gifting designs to him some days ago and searches envelope. He gets shocked to see that those are same designs that Anam claimed as hers. He realizes that Arzoo was telling truth. He thinks to apologize to her. Kurti Apa tells Anam that she changed the dupatta with the towel and asks her to accept that she is her teacher in forgery. Anam accepts. Arzoo thinks how was dupatta changed with towel. Kurti comes and accepts to have swapped the towel with dupatta and asks them not to mess with her. Anam gets Safaraz back in office. He thanks her. They laugh on Arzoo.

Sarfaraz taunts Arzoo who gives him a good reply. Lawyer comes to Sahir’s room and insists to handover the papers to Sahir. Kurti asks him to give those papers to her. Alvira comes and tells Lawyer that Sahir is busy and will talk to him later. She warns Kurti not to play her dirty politics, else she will inform Sahir.

Sahir practices apologizing Arzoo. Arzoo comes and says if Sayyara continues to ignore talent, it will have to be shut down. Sahir gets irked and challenges her to sell designer’s clothes in a day He adds that that these dresses are 40000 rs each and if she will sell them for 4000 rs each, he will accept her talent. Arzoo accepts the challenge. Arzoo decides to sell them in an exhibition. Zaki offers his help. She says she accepted Sahir’s challenge and will sell alone. Arzoo and her her sisters arrange a dress shop in a shopping mall’s lawn. Anam comes to Sahir and asks him when can she start her design’s ad campaign. He says he has already started. He scolds her for stealing someone’s design and asks her to work hard on her own designs.

Arzoo and sisters try to sell dresses, but nobody pays attention to them at all. A lady refuses to buy without brand name. Sarfaraz and his wife Farha come there and taunt them. Arzoo says when he does not have any respect himself he cannot talk about self-respect, etc. She adds that with hard work, respect is gained and not lost. Sarfaraz fumes and leaves. Sahir reaches shopping mall and sees Arzoo unable to sell the dresses. He asks someone to prepare a contract. He goes and sits on chair, people start buying clothes seeing him and all dresses are sold. Arzoo gets sad and recalls his words. Sahir repeats his words and says with just Sayyara and without Sayyara, she is nothing and does not have place even in this city. Arzoo tells Myra that she will go back to Lucknow and will start Arzoo creations and make it famous. Keep reading.