Bunty determines to find Sagarika and takes Swara’s help; Bunty and Sagarika bump into each other in Sony’s Hum Hain Na.

In Hum Hain Na, Pappu’s wife Rani comes down wearing a nighty in the morning. Everyone get amused seeing her. Ratna makes fun of her. Amma gets annoyed as she didn’t even have a bath. Amma explains to her that she should dress properly and attend the puja. Rani tells her that she wants bed tea and then only she can change her dress. Dadi is shocked to know that. Pappu backs his wife. He asks her to get ready. Rani asks him to get bed tea and breakfast for her daily. Bunty’s bike crashes withh Saagarik’a dad’s car. He scolds Bunty and even raises his hand as he thinks he is inebriated. He gets angry. They both have an argument. Sagarika’s aunt asks her dad to start searching for groom for Sagarika. He agrees.

Sagarika’s dad comes home and tells her that some goon harassed him and may follow him to their house. Bunty reaches the photo studio and finds Sagarika’s pic missing in the wedding album. He thinks to get Sagarika pic anyhow. Bunty shows the album to his family. Bauji gets happy looking at his pic and tells his wife that he looks young even at this age. Pappu tries to see the album. Bauji scolds him and asks his wife if the puja is done on time. She says yes. Swara tells him that she has to get Rani ready for the puja. Bunty and his friend think to take Swara’s help in getting Sagarika’s pics and details. Bunty asks Swara to get the details about Sagarika and promises to get a dress for her. Swara agrees and thinks to get her address from Rani as she is her friend.

Swara comes to Rani and asks her about Sagarika’s address. She gets successful. Satya finds an anklet at Bunty’s house and thinks to inform Amma. She tells Amma about an anklet which belongs to Sagarika. Bunty imagines dancing with Sagarika while he was actually dancing with Satya. He calls Satya as black devil. Bauji asks Rani to call Sagarika and return her anklet. Swara informs Bunty about Sagarika’s address. Bunty goes to meet Sagarika at her house. Sagarika’s dad opens the door and gets angry seeing him. Ratna asks Pappu’s wife to complete the kitchen rituals. Swara offers her help and asks nail polish in return. Rani agrees. Satya prays to God to get her married to Bunty soon. Bunty scolds his friend for misbehaving with Sagarika’s dad.

Bauji calls him and asks him to bring the panditji as Rani is making kheer for first time. Bunty comes home and sees Sagarika there. She tells him that Ratna called her and told her about finding her anklet, so she came to pick it. He asks her to come inside, but she hesitates saying Phubali went inside to get it. Bunty insists, Saagarika agrees. She enters in with Bunty. Everyone gets annoyed. Amma asks her to meet Rani in the kitchen. Rani mixes butter milk in kheer instead of milk and asks Sagarika to wait outside. Bunty asks Sagarika to taste his Bhabhi’s kheer.Sagarika agrees.
Sagarika informs Bunty about Rani adding buttermilk instead of milk and asks him to do something. Rani brings kheer. Pappu gets excited and praises her kheer. Pappu and Sagarika get tensed. She serves to everyone. Bunty praises it while everyone eat it with difficulty. Bunty asks Panditji to do the puja well and praise the kheer. Sagarika leaves. Satya gets irked seeing Bunty and Sagarika together. Sagarika and Phubali discuss about Bunty taking care of Rani’s mistake. Sagarika’s dad is convinced that Bunty is a goon and has followed him. Sagarika thinks to face the goon.

Everyone is happy watching TV which came with Rani from her house. She asks Pappu to get it in her room, while the rest of the family wants to put up in the hall. Pappu tells Bunty about his wife’s warning and asks his help. Bunty agrees and manages to convince everyone by giving them reasons for their betterment. Bunty gets the Tv back in Rani’s room. She asks Pappu to get the cable connection. Bauji refuses to pay for 2nd connection. Pappu asks Bunty to get the connection and gives him money which he got as wedding gift. Bunty agrees.

Sagarika decides to complain to the police about the goons who have been troubling her father. She bumps into Bunty before reaching the police station. She tells him about the goons harassing her dad. Bunty realizes that she is speaking about him and tells her that there are no goons in Banaras. Bunty tells her that he will speak to the goons and resolve the matter. Sagarika thinks to wait until Bunty resolves the problem. Sagarika’s dad informs her about guest coming to their house. Keep reading.

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