Dharmendra and Ashish attack Rishi but Nayantara gets shot, Taruni performs the surgery on Nayan and saves her, Manju kills her husband while Mona takes the blame in Sony’s Yudh.

In Yudh, Taruni gets ready to go to office. Ajju asks her to give him a job in her office. She agrees. Mona gets shocked to know that Smriti doesn’t remember anything about her kidnapping and the inspector frees Kapil. Anand tells Yudh that a man wants to befriends him. Yudh sees a clown near him. Inspector tells Anand that he is searching Singh in Anuj’s murder case. He finds a blood stained cloth in his car decky. Nayantara doesn’t eat anything. Yudh asks her to eat food. Mona packs her bags and leave the house.


Yudh fights with the clown in his sleep and mess up the room. Nayantara asks him what happened. He doesn’t remember anything and sees hjs hand injured. Workers come to meet Rishi and pleads to him to give their work back. Rishi gives them salaries and fires them. Yudh assures Nayan that Taruni won’t snatch anything from her. Nayan thinks he doesn’t care about her.


Dr. Ganatra returns, Yudh goes to meet him. Workers ask money from the culprits. Rishi goes to meet home minister with Ranjan. Culprits take workers to Gopal for work. Home minister praises Rishi. Rishi requests him to increase electric supply.  Dr. Ganatra checks Yudh. Later Anand calls Yudh and tells him about his arrest by the police. Yudh meets him. Anand tells him that someone is spying on them and he forgot his car outside Singh’s house. Yudh questions the security guard.


Ranjan meets Singh and informs that Rishi has made him his personal manager. Singh asks him to inform when he thinks they can kidnap Rishi. Rishi meets Gopal and tells him to inform his ALF friends that it is their turn now. Officer asks Yudh to accept Dabra’s opinion to install CCTV cameras at his office. Yudh agrees. Taruni’s Dad asks her to cut ties with Yudh as he is under the scanner. Inspector frees Anand as the blood stained cloth doesn’t match with Singh’s DNA.


Anand comes home. Preeti tells him that Aditya entered the bathroom when Maid was in. Anand asks her to give him some time. Navalite lady meets Rishi. Ranjan sees them together. Rishi asks him to go as he is busy. Nayantara informs Yudh that she is going to stay with Rishi and asks him to take care of himself. She leaves. Home minister asks Ranjan to inform him about Yudh and Rishi’s movements and offers him 10 lakhs rupees. Ranjan agrees for 15 lakhs rupees.


Someone follows Rishi’s car. Rishi gets down and takes an auto for the airport. Naxalites shoots at Rishi and the bullets hits Nayan. Rishi takes her to the hospital. Rishi informs Yudh and Anand about the naxalite attack. Nayan gets serious and needs a surgery. Taruni informs Yudh that bullet has to be removed from Nayan’s organs. Yudh requests Taruni to perform operation. Taruni calls Ajju and tells him that 2 surgeons will help her in the surgery via video conferencing. Taruni starts operating on Nayan with her assistants. Intelligence Office informs the home minister about the shoot out at the airport. Taruni saves Nayan and informs Yudh.


Yudh talks to Taruni about Nayan. Ranjan takes Rishi with him to the home minister. He asks him to take his friend’s help to know ALF’s hide out. Rishi gets annoyed. It was revealed that Dharmendra Malik and Ashish was behind the attack on Nayan. Naxalite Lady tells Rishi that her gang is not behind the attack. Gun firing starts between naxalites and home minister’s security men. Rishi cries as he was informed about the lady naxalite’s death. She hides and hears him crying. Later Rishi meets his mom. Nayan smiles seeing him.


Preeti calls Anand and asks him to come home soon as his son beating the nurse. Anand leaves. Mona gets a call from inspector about housekeeping man’s death. Inspector shows broken teeth and says he found it in Anand’s car. Yudh thinks he has over burdened Rishi with the business responsibility. Rishi asks for a second chance. Gopal takes adivasi boy to police station and shows him a video of him with Rishi in naxalite area and asks him to co operate. Adivasi boy gives the false statement that he and Rishi went to the naxalite area and Rishi killed naxalites even after his warning. Rishi tells Yudh that he has been trapped. YS says, he ruined his company’s name. Mona speaks to Anand and briefs him about the situation.


Singh kidnaps Smriti and drops her in Kapil’s bedroom. Manju sees him with Smriti and kills him with a bat. She calls Mona. Mona gets shocked to see him dead. Taruni informs YS that she wants to return back to her medical world as she is not happy with his business world. Mona gets arrested for Kapil’s murder. Anand couldn’t believe that she can kill someone. Vigilance officer meets Gautam dev. He says he saw a file in Mona’s laptop about orphanage property. Gautam wonders why she is still holding that file. Yudh asks Rishi to close mining business and come back home. Rishi gets angry and cries. Keep reading.