Karan punishes Shanaya; She gets paralysed shocking everyone; Police arrests Karan on Sharda’s statement in Sony’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Shanaya tries to harm Sakshi and puts the blame on Diya as they were playing sports. Karan saves her and slaps her shocking her. He locks her in the storeroom. She gets scared seeing the darkness and gets hit by something. She falls unconscious. Everyone get worried. Sharda opens the door and finds her lying unconscious. She scolds Karan and asks him to stay far from her. They take her to the hospital. Suresh talks to the doctor and asks him to start the treatment immediately. He gets tensed.

Sharda gets angry at Karan for Shanaya’s condition and takes her side. Shanaya’s condition worsen shocking the family. Everyone get worried for her. Doctor tells them that he have to call the police. He calls the Police. Police asks Sharda, how the accident happened? Sharda tells him everything. Inspector arrests Karan on Sharda’s statement. Sakshi is shocked and confronts Sharda for taking Shanaya’s side and giving statement against Karan.

The media publicize the news about Karan’s arrests and brings bad publicity for Suresh’s company. Suresh gets shocked and calls someone. Sakshi thinks to tell Sharda about her unconfirmed pregnancy so that Sharda believes on Karan. She decides to tell Sharda so that so that she understands Karan’s point of view. Sharda thinks her decision is right and stays firm on her decision. Suresh gets angry on Sharda for her statement against Karan.

Doctor informs everyone that Shanaya’s legs are paralysed. Everyone get shocked. Karan feels guilty and bad. Doctor shifts her from the ICU in the ward. Sharda feels bad and thinks of her promise made to Pallavi. She holds herself responsible and feels guilty as she thinks she couldn’t able to take care of Shanaya properly. Sakshi asks Suresh and Sharda to help her in getting Karan out of lock up. Sharda and Suresh refuse to help her as they think he deserves the punishment. Sakshi gets shocked and determines to get him out on her own.

Sakshi then thinks to talk to Sharda again. Sharda doesn’t agree and goes to attend Shanaya whose condition has worsened. Sakshi feels bad and yells at Sharda for not helping them and protecting Shanaya. Latika asks Prateik to share the responsibilities. Prateik refuses her. Latika gets irked. Sakshi wonders what to do and thinks to hire a lawyer for bailing Karan. She arranges money to pay to the lawyer. Some reporters come to Modi house and questions Latika. Latika gets angry and lashes at them. She asks them to leave.

Sakshi seeks Karan’s friend help who is a lawyer. He gets bail for Karan. Sakshi is relieved. She goes to the court with the bail papers but gets late and bail doesn’t happen. Sakshi gets tensed and worried. She feels helpless to see Karan in the police lock up. Sakshi’s mum’s Padma comes to know about Karan and she leaves for Mumbai. Sakshi comes home and requests Sharda to forgive Karan and get him out of Jail. Shanaya’s condition worsens and Sharda’s attention get diverted towards her. Sakshi thinks she cares for her daughter and not for her son. Sharda feels sad and feels helpless. She asks the nurse to call the doctor to check Shanaya. Karan feels bad at the lock up.

Shanaya is shocked to see herself paralysed and gets angry. Sharda tells Sakshi that the decision which she has taken is tough and difficult. She reminds her of the promise made to Pallavi. She feels torn between Shanaya and Karan. Shanaya tells Suresh that she wants to go home. Suresh tells her that she needs to be at the hospital for best care possible. Shanaya convinces him though. Suresh tells her that he will talk to Doctor. Suresh talks to the doctor and gets his permission to get Shanaya discharge from hospital. He thinks to take her home to make her feel better.

Padma comes to know about Shanaya coming home and gets upset. She thinks to help Sakshi and gets upset with Sharda for supporting Shanaya. Sharda takes care of Shanaya and brings her home from hospital. Padma reaches the house and confronts Sharda and then Suresh for not helping Sakshi and Karan. Sharda tries to justifies her actions. She tells her that she was right. Padma gets angry at her. Sakshi interferes and tells her mom not to speak in house matters. She asks her to leave the house as it was her house matter. Padma gets irked. Keep reading.

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