Neil and Ragini perform a ritual for Nishi’s engagement together in Sony’s IKNMP.

In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Agam hugs Ragini after coming to know that she is his mother. Even Ragini reciprocates as she remembers kid Agam. She moves back as she sees Neil coming there and remembers the promise. Nishi gets happy seeing Neil there and hugs him. Agam introduces himself to Nishi as Agam Khanna and Nishi introduces herself as Nishi Patel. They both hug emotionally. Ragini asks Nishi to get ready. Pam clashes with Sunny tai by mistake. They start fighting Karan stops them and asks Sunny to keep 5 feet distance from Pam. Later Pam clashes with Ragini. Ragini reminiscences Pam scolding and torturing her with her witty words that she was unfit for Neil and she got them divorced somehow.

Pam taunts her saying that she trapped Dr. Aman and is making a surgeon work as maid for her. She accuses her of having a good talent of trapping rich men. Ragini fumes in anger. Ragini tells her mum that she asked Aman to act as her husband as she wants to break’s Neil’s perception that no man can stay with her. Mum asks why thinks about Neil even now. Aarav comes there. He gets emotional seeing Neil. Sunny Tai asks him to touch Neil’s feet. Aarav does it emotionally. Neil moves and turns his face. Agam hugs Aarav happily. Neil asks Aman why he depends on Ragini always and says because of men like you, women rule over men. Aman feels embarrassed. He sees Ragini coming and gets mesmerized with her beauty. Ragini notices that and asks Aman to be with her. Pam thinks it is right time for Nivedita’s entry.

Jignesh and his family reach there with their guest to the engagement venue. His mom introduces his mother-in-law to Ragini. Jignesh touches Neil’s feet and takes his blessings. Pam gets irked seeing their low class behavior and says Nishi will also divorce her husband and come back home. Neil gets irked and says he cannot hear anything bad about his daughter. He says he hates Ragini, but Nishi and Arav are his blood and he cannot hear anything wrong his children. She thinks she has to get him out of it. Agam calls Suhani and shows her engagement guests and Nishi. She gets emotional to see Ragini as her mum. She tells Aman that she met her before. Aman tells Neil that Ragini raised her children alone and he hates her husband who left her.

Ragini sits for engagement pooja. Jignesh’s grandma says Nishi’s father has to sit for pooja. Ragini says she knows, but she is Nishi’s both father and mother. Ragini’s mom says she should call Neil not as her husband, but as Nishi’s father. Neil asks Aman to go and perform pooja. Jignesh’s mom asks Ragini to call Neil. Ragini asks Neil to attend pooja. He says her husband Aman should attend and not him. She says he is Nishi’s father and should attend. She says please. He sits in pooja. Pam provokes Ranbir against Ragini. Ragini and Neil do the engagement ritual together. Neil repeats Panditji’s words that he Neil Khanna gives his daughter Nishi Khanna Patel’s hand in Jignesh’s hand. Everyone congrats each other after engagement.

Photographer asks for a family pic, and Neil and Ragini stand next to each other behind Nishi and Jignesh. Ragini sees Aman and apologizes to him for telling lie. He asks why she didn’t tell him about Neil being her husband. Ragini tells him that they are divorced. Aman thinks she fooled him. She requests him to continue acting as her husband until Neil goes back to US. Ragini gets into dressing room and tries to pin her sari pallu. Neil sees that and says, her ego will not hurt if she will take someone’s help. They go into flashback. Nishi takes mic and thanks guests and special thanks to Neil for attending her engagement. Neil smiles while Ragini gets angry. Neil tells that Nishi made such a big announcement. Ragini says she herself is surprised and says she gave her children good upbringing, but sometimes their father’s blood speaks up.

Ranbir says he cannot tolerate anyone misbehaving with him and says this woman does not know how to talk. She says she cannot tolerate her children misbehaving with her. Neil asks him to stop. Pam smirks seeing Ranbir speaking ill about Ragini. Nishi asks Neil until when he will stay with them. Dr. Aman says Neil has promised to work in his hospital for 1 month and he is honoured. Ragini asks Nishi why did she ask Neil and his children to stay with them. Nishi says they are her dear ones and Agam was very happy in her engagement and wants to stay with us. Ragini says Neil has come back to take back his children. She looks at her and Neil’s pic with children and cries vigorously. Pam asks Neil why did he accept offer to work in hospital in which Ragini works. He says hospital is not hers, but her new husband’s. She says she knows he will attend her dinner party tomorrow. He says he will not.

Pam says Neil is getting into Ragini’s trap again and will definitely attend her dinner party tomorrow. Neil tries to increase AC of his cabin, but water falls on him from AC. He calls Ragini and says it is raining. She goes to check and he switches on AC. Water falls on her and she falls on him. He picks her up. She says she will send someone to repair AC and walks out. Neil sees Agam in a gujrati dress and asks what is he wearing. He says it is gujrati dress and he will attend Nishi’s dinner party in this dress. Neil says he will also come with him. Agam gets happy. Keep reading.