Rawat ji gifts his sword to Pratap; Changezi attacks Pratap underwater; Pratap overpowers and kills him; Ajabde comes to meet him in Sony’s Maharana Pratap.

In Maharana Pratap, Pratap smells his hand and rubs the rose petals on his hands to get rid of smell. He gives the task to Chakrapani to find out about the number of fishermen. Chakrapani thinks the task is tough. Pratap is upset with Ajabde for her sacrifice for him. Phool helps Ajabde to get ready for the tilak. Ajabde refuses to wear heavy jewellery as Pratap likes simple jewellery. Chakrapani comes there. Ajabde asks him if he gave rose petals to Pratap. Chakrapani says yes. Jaivanti Bai tells Pratap to surrender himself completely to the family until he gets married. Pratap agrees. Pratap gets ready for the tilak ceremony. Mamrath ji plans to give golden sword to Pratap. Pratap wears the Pagdi given by Jaivanti Bai irking Dheer Bai. Dheer tells Pratap that Mamrath ji will give him sword as per the tradition and asks him not to carry his sword. Jaivanti Bai speaks against it. Dheer is sure that Uma Devi would have stolen the sword from Mamrath ji.

Uma Devi keeps an eye on the sword while Ajabde does its puja. She steals it. Jaivanti Bai gets happy seeing the gifts brought by Mamrath ji and Hansa Bai. Uday Singh tells them that he needs only one thing. Mamrath ji asks his servant to bring the precious sword but he couldn’t find anywhere. Dheer Bai makes an issue and blames him for insulting them. Pratap interferes and asks her to calm down. Mamrath ji gives Rawat ji’s word to Pratap and tells him the importance of that sword in his life. It is very precious. Pratap accepts it respectfully. Pratap meets his people and accepts gifts from them. Changrezi pushes him and he falls on the ground. He smells the fishy odour. Uday Singh stops him from investigation. Akbar’s army gets thirsty and wants to drink water. Akbar stops and keeps them thirsty to increase their speed. Akbar is happy that he is going to kill Pratap soon.

Pratao tells his father about the fishy smell which he smell during meeting the people. Uday Singh asks him about share if anything is serious. Pratap says nothing and leaves. Jaivanti Bai gives the letter to the servant to be given to Hansa Bai, informing her that someone is trying to stop the wedding and plan to catch the culprit. She asks her to put swasthik symbol on the gifts. Dheer Bai writes the letter to Uma Devi about the happenings and shares her plan. Pratap finds Changrezi’s red box and comes to conclusion that attack was planned for him. Uma Devi steals the poisonous chemical and plans to use it on Pratap. Hansa Bai shares Jaivanti Bai’s plan with Phool about the swasthika mark on the gifts to catch the culrpits.

Haldi rituals start at Pratap and Ajabde’s palace. Uma Devi mixes the poisonous chemical in Pratap’s haldi. Dheer Bai asks Jaivanti Bai to apply haldi on Pratap’s face first and waits anxiously to see the results. Phool and Ajabde come to know about Uma Devi’s doings. Phool confronts her grand maa. She tells Phool that you are blinded by friendship. She wants to take revenge from Pratap and wants to burn his face with poisonous chemical. Phool and Ajabde get shocked. Phool is ashamed of Uma Devi’s doings. Ajabde says they shall change the chemical bowl with haldi one. Uma Devi says, they can’t as the rituals might have started by now. A Daasi informs Phool and Ajabde that the rituals is put on hold because of rahukaal. They get happy as Pratap is saved. Pratap opens the red box and recalls the happenings of the past day. The haldi rituals start again after the rahukaal ends. Phool and Saubhagyavati manage to change the chemical bowl with haldi bowl.

Jaivanti applies haldi on Pratap’s face followed by Dheer Bai. Dheer Bai is in tears as her plan failed badly. Jaivanti Bai tells that Pratap have to take bath in the river. tomorrow. Changrezi comes to know about Pratap’s visit to the river and plans to kill him in water. Jaivanti Bai warns Dheer Bai to stop conspiring, else she won’t be spared. Next day, Pratap goes to the river for bathing as per the ritual. Changezi attacks him and holds him by his neck.

Ajabde wakes up from sleep and feels something wrong is going to happen. She prays for pratap and shares her bad dream with Phool. Phool asks her to sleep. Pratap feels the electric touch of Changezi. Soldiers feel the movements in the water and goes to inform Uday Singh. Pratap climbs up and pushes Changezi in the water. Changezi is shocked. Uday Singh and Jaivanti Bai get shocked.

Pratap realizes Changezi’s weakness that he has no more electric power and gets him on land. He uses a protective coating of mud on his body and kills Changezi. Uday Singh and Pratap realize the mastermind behind it. Uday Singh doubts on Mughals. Akbar learns of Pratap’s marriage and plans to destroy him. Ajabde decides to meet Pratap after learning about the news of Pratap being attacked. Hansa Bai finds Ajabde missing from her room. Ajabde tells Pratap that she is feeling good after meeting him. She says she will go now. Dheer Bai brings Jaivanti Bai to see Pratap and Ajabde together. They get shocked. Keep reading.

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