Yash distants Saanchi and Dhruv by sending him to London in Sony’s Jee Le Zara.

Evil Ankita plans to seperate Dhruv and Saanchi and executes her next plan. She comes to Dhruv’s home with their common friends. She tries to make Saanchi feel bad and insulted. Dhruv takes his wife’s support. Ankita spills sauce on Dhruv’s shirt intentionally. Dhruv goes to change his shirt. Ankita takes advantage of this situation and tries to get close to Dhruv. Saanchi sees them together but doesn’t doubt them making Ankita angry. She trusts Dhruv. While they are watching the soccer match, Saanchi gives them info about Soccer. Everyone are surprised to see her knowledge about the game and praises her. Dhruv talks to Nani and convinces her to send Addu to his house. Addu leaves for Mumbai after taking blessings from Nani.

Dhruv eagerly awaits for Addu. They watch a movie and have popcorn. Suparna opens the door and is shocked to see Addu. She taunts him indirectly. Addu’s entry comes as a shocker to the family. While Saanchi is happy but the rest of the family start planning against him. Saanchi tells Dhruv that he should have talk to his parents before inviting Addu home. Dhruv gets upset with her as he did it to surprise her but she is not happy. Next morning, Addu is going to the orientation class. Neena sends Saanchi with him. Saanchi asks Anway to tell Dhruv that she is going to the orientation class. Anway smirks and doesn’t inform Dhruv.

Yash asks Dhruv to go to London for getting the deal and meeting the client. Dhruv agrees hesitantly. He calls Saanchi to inform her but her phone is switched off. Dhruv leaves for London. Saanchi comes back and searches for Dhruv. Yash informs her that Dhruv went to London and will be back after 2 weeks. Saanchi is shocked as Dhruv didn’t tell her. Neena tells her that Dhruv tried calling her but her phone was switched off. Saanchi feels bad. Dhruv calls her after reaching London. Saanchi is happy to hear his voice.

Neena tells Saanchi about Isha’s wedding anniversary. Saanchi tells her that she will organize the special lunch. Isha and her children come home. Everyone are happy. Isha lies to her family saying her husband is busy. Saanchi says, we will call and wish him. Isha says, he is in London. Yash says, I will asks Dhruv to meet him. Isha says, no. He has to catch the flight in 2 hours. Yash says, he is a busy man.

Isha doesn’t like the fact that Addu is staying at their home. Suparna asks Saanchi, did you give the shopping list to Dhruv? Saanchi says no. Yash taunts her and says she didn’t get the chance else she would have given the big list. Isha’s kids get happy eating the kheer and food prepared by Saanchi. This makes Suparna jealous while Isha thanks her.

Ankita chats with Dhruv on the net. She tells Saanchi to make her jealous. Addu download the messenger and asks Saanchi to talk to Dhruv. Dhruv and Saanchi talk to each other on the laptop. Saanchi tells him that she is missing him. Dhruv says, I am missing you too. Ankita feels jealously and disconnects the wi fi connection. Addu sees her unplucking the wire and confronts her. Ankita calls Anway and rest of the family and start accusing Addu for misbehaving with her. Saanchi asks Addu to keep quiet. Yash and Anway insult Addu. Addu is hurt. Neena takes care of the situation. Saanchi apologizes to them.

Addu is being treated as a servant in Saanchi’s house by her family. He tells Saanchi that he didn’t do anything and Ankita made an issue. Saanchi says, I know and trusts him. Isha asks Suparna to take care of kids until she comes back. She goes to meet the lawyer. Suparna asks the kids to go to Saanchi and trouble her. Saanchi and kids bond well. Saanchi calls the vegetable vendor and educates them about the vegetables by showing the veggies. Kids learns fast. Suparna taunts her for her middle class values. Isha is happy as Kids learnt the practical way.

Saanchi and Dhruv talks to each other. Dhruv pulls her leg. Saanchi is happy. Saanchi gets Deepali’s call telling her about Pradeep’s suicide attempt. Saanchi is shocked. She informs Neena and says she is going to Panchgani. She asks Addu to pay the fees which she kept in her almara. Addu agrees. Ankita comes to Saanchi’s room while Addu is studying. She apologizes to him. They become friends. Ankita is planning a move against him. She tells him that they will have party and have pizza. They eat the pizza. Ankita pretends to cough. Addu goes to bring the water. Ankita gets the chance and she steals the money from the cupboard which Saanchi has kept for Addu’s fees. What will Addu do now? How he will pay the fees? Will Ankita be successful to throw Addu out of the house? Stay tuned to watch the episode or keep reading.